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Integrated Experience Intelligence Services

We are here to help global enterprises design, build and scale up
their customer, product and brand experience programs.

For those of you starting their customer-centric journey, we will design and streamline the understanding of experience.

If you are further down the customer centricity path, we will help you assess the impact of your customer experience (CX)
initiatives, scale them effectively, and enable proactive management – all backed by AI-driven technology and insights.

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Streamline experience insights and make them more actionable

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Become a pioneer of proactive customer experience

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Improve product
and brand

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Streamline experience insights and make
them more actionable 

Putting CX results into perspective by listening to the voice of your competitors’ customers 

We go beyond traditional customer satisfaction measurement. Our Competitive CX Benchmark solution provides a better understanding of what the customers of your competitors experience. Benchmark your strengths and weaknesses against your biggest competitors and continuously track developments. 

Scale experience measurement & initiatives with leading technology 

We are well-versed in the top CX management technologies. Our professional services team will guide you through the implementation and management of a platform seamlessly. We handle the tedious details for you, allowing you more time to focus on delivering exceptional experiences.

Leading partner for
Experience Intelligence

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Become a pioneer of proactive customer experience

Retain more customers with proactive experience management 

Predictive NPS is a AI algorithm predicting satisfaction scores for customers who don’t respond to surveys, helping you retain or upsell more customers. 

Understand the real reasons why some customers are dissatisfied

What customers perceive is often only part of the root cause of the issue. Understand the real reasons why some customers are dissatisfied with Root Cause analytics. 

Identify the Next Best Action 

Identify and prioritize actions and initiatives with the biggest impact on individual customer level or customer segment with Next Best Action. 

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Our vision of proactive and personalised customer

The New Customer Experience Management:
Why and How the Companies of the Future Address Their Customers' Needs Proactively 

The leaders in CX don’t:

  • disengage from their customers once they’ve sold the product or the service
  • wait for something to happen – they are proactive
  • offer one-size-fits-all solutions – they personalize them
  • see great experiences as something premium – they deliver them to everyone

Improve product and brand experience
with Voice of the Customer Insights

Product Experience 

Remove risk of failure regarding new product or solutions launches by exploring in-depth market needs, optimal features and pricing of products and services. 

Perceptions of your brand 

Holistic brand research programs that capture brand performance and purchase funnel, brand value, preferred channels and message to improve your general brand building efforts, competitive position, names and event evaluations. 

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