Discover what INSPIRES #SmartHome customers and what actual users THINK and FEEL about Smart home products

Uncover main topics of interest A look at thousands of product reviews in major e-commerce websites to discover the main topics of discussion.

Look deeper into customer emotions 

Not just an analysis of the most commented topics, but also what do actual customers care about

Understand customer segments #Smarthome doesn't just come down to technical features, but also to how customers perceive design. An insightful look into different personas based on what characteristics matters to them the most. 


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Our proprietary methodology allows us to go deeper than traditional research. Through unsolicited feedback we can measure the unbiased emotions people associate with the topics which interest them and discover unknown trends.

GemSeek is an advanced analytics consultancy, specialized in consumer insights and predicting customer behaviour. We believe the real power of text analytics is its ability to impact your top-line growth by going deeper into the details. We help companies build customised text analytics models that allow them to understand problem and opportunity areas and, most importantly, which of them will have the biggest impact on business.