Merry CXmas and a Happy New Year

by GemSeek

GemSeek wishes all of you to stay ahead of the game in the year to come

Customer Experience, as a source of competitive advantage, is on the rise. How do we know? We asked managers and executives in marketing, sales, and customer experience from more than 20 industries in our Annual CX Trends survey. Even though only 4 out of 10 organizations currently use CX to stay ahead of the game, this is half as many as they were 3 years ago. The share of organizations that compete based on CX is expected to jump another 54% in the next 3 years.

Now that we have these and other CX trends results, we carefully wrapped them in CXmas spirit and we are ready to present them to you together with our warmest wishes for the holiday season!

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How can you get the full survey report?

Everyone who filled out the survey will be sent the full report – after all, we couldn’t have done it without your input! You will receive a thorough analysis of the results, discussing the trends, tools, and organizational practices in the various industries.

If you did not participate, but still want access, fear not – we have decided to leave the survey open until the end of January, so more professionals can receive insights for their industries. You can access it here

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