The importance of internal alignment and the NPS manual –Accountability

by Vesela Nedkova – Senior Market Research Manager, GemSeek

In our previous article we spoke about sustainability and how you can achieve it with an NPS manual.  Here, we will look at accountability.

Customer satisfaction studies measuring Net Promoter Score (NPS) are a key lever in managing and improving the performance of any business. To extract the most out of your studies, however, roles should be clearly distributed.

This is where the NPS manual comes in.

The NPS manual is a detailed overview of the must-have’s and must-not’s involved in the execution of NPS studies within any specific organization. It contains key information on the methodology and ways of using the NPS results. Customized to reflect the specifics of the study, its main purpose is to support the execution of the program and enable the deployment of the results across organizational levels.


Clearly defined roles and responsibilities

Accountability relates to identifying the responsibility of the various stakeholders across the organization (and the research agency) ahead of time.


A broad range of internal and external stakeholders are involved in any NPS program. The centralized teams responsible for CX initiatives (global or local) oversee the design and implementation of the program in each related market. Local teams, on the other hand, are tasked with providing all the available insights into the study setup. They identify the main business objectives and information gaps to be completed with the survey. However, how does this happen? Who provides their feedback first? Who has the final say? How long can each stage take?

Each phase of the project (setup, fieldwork, reporting, and results deployment) and the tasks in it should be described in detail to enable planning and timely execution. Clear role distribution, well-defined communication channels and breaking down lengthy processes into a concise sequence of steps are the key ingredients of an efficient study.



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