Use data to unlock actionable business insights


GemSeek Advanced Analytics is your go-to solution for
reducing churn, increasing sales and improving CX. We
predict what customers will do next so you can take optimal
decisions for improving their engagement with your product.
Attract new clients more efficiently and design personalised
customer engagements to increase average revenue per
user. ​

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How do you generate data-driven business growth?

Retain 30%+
more customers

Increase successful upsell
offers by 25%+

Acquire 14% more
customers through

Retain 30+% more customers .

Boosting retention has been the holy grail of customer
experience analytics for decades now and for a good
reason. It is a challenge to keep your clients from taking
their business elsewhere in a highly saturated and
competitive market.

Predictive NPS. The pulse of your customer in real-time.

Traditionally, business try to reduce churn
by contacting specific clients with
personalised offers to prevent them from
switching to a competitor. The problem
with these types of programmes is that
they are not very efficient. If the customer
hasn’t explicitly stated they are unhappy,
you are trying to find a needle in a
haystack. Predictive models can
drastically increase the efficiency of these
programmes by accurately identifying
customers likely to churn, if they haven’t
explicitly stated their intent to leave.

Learn how we helped a mobile network operator reduce churn by 34% in an year


Target existing customers with
the right offers

Once you make sure your customers aren’t going to a
rival, how can you entice them to more of your products
and services?

Similar to churn prevention programmes, predictive
algorithms can pinpoint those individuals who are most
likely to increase their current plan or to opt for a larger
bundle based on similar customer journeys or specific
triggers identified as critical for such decisions.

Learn how an insurance company increased the success rate of upsell initiatives by 28%


Get more new customers
through referrals

Once you have identified how satisfied are your
customers, you can prompt them to refer a friends and
family with personalised incentives.

Predictive NPS algorithms can be applied to identify
customers who are very happy with their experiences and

Do you want to learn how we
helped a mobile network
provider achieve a 14% uplift of
referral-based acquisition?


Supporting you on your journey to customer centricity


From initial data processing to
choosing the right models, we
make sure your data is utilized to
generate actual business value.


We follow the industry standards,
but make sure our work fits your
specific challenges. Start small
scale and then expand gradually
the success of our joint data
analytics work.


We help you create an
environment that supports
fact-based decision making.
Integrate the models into your
existing IT infrastructure and
streamline insights through
custom dashboards.


Senior leadership

Grow profitability and reduce risks of customers leaving you .

Brand Managers

Understand customer behaviours and position your brand at the point where your advantages cross with what customers value the most.

Marketing Professionals

Strike a chord in customers with every marketing message & identify new

Innovation Managers

Discover white spaces and incoming trends before they become a fad and come up with brave innovations.

Insights & Intelligence Managers

Understand the root causes behind customer satisfaction .

CX Professionals

Prioritise your activies and prove program ROI.

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