Managing CX When Customers Are Complex Organisations


As technology advances, so do the expectations of customers within B2B organisations. Just because you are doing business with complex organisations rather than end customers, it doesn’t mean your service won’t be compared to popular pizza delivery or mobile apps. However, the technology that facilitates exceptional B2C experiences is yet to be fully utilized by B2B organisations. Customer data is often dispersed across various systems, and while feedback is collected, there is often a lack of leadership initiative to implement significant changes. Personalisation and prediction of customer needs remain more of a distant goal than a present reality.

Join us for a virtual fireside chat with
Medallia and GemSeek experts in complex
B2B CXM Programs and learn about:

The fundamental role of customer data in managing CX and how to overcome the most common challenges CX professionals have in this area.

How to navigate the “human factor” in the successful implementation and utilisation of CX technologies and processes, including securing internal buy-in, fostering engagement, and shifting mindsets.

The rise of AI and its best uses in customer experience management - automation, personalisation, prediction. How can companies move from simply reacting to customer needs to proactively managing and predicting those needs.

Join us, and get ahead in mastering B2B customer experiences. 

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Speakers in Detail


Principal CX Advisor, Medallia

Judy joined Medallia with a passion for customers and a talent for enhancing brand experiences. Her ability to identify opportunities in every situation has improved customer loyalty, reduced costs, and enhanced quality experiences. With over 15 years of experience, Judy has developed programs and problem-solving frameworks that deliver measurable results. She promotes a customer advocacy culture, using methodologies like Six Sigma, Customer Experience Management, and Journey Mapping. Before Medallia, Judy built a successful career in various sectors, known for her customer-centric approach and effective program design. Judy's dedication to positive customer experiences and her ability to focus on critical issues make her a valuable asset to Medallia. Her passion for customers and her knack for spotting opportunities fuel her success in customer experience.


CX Consultant, Gemseek

Sasha is a Senior Consultant at GemSeek, boasting an impressive track record of over eight years in roles as an Insight Analyst, VoC Specialist, and CX Consultant. Her work has spanned a diverse range of industries, from agriculture and manufacturing to finance, real estate, and luxury retail. She has contributed her expertise to notable organisations including Heidelberg Materials, Sensata, Accuity, Cirium, Randstad, Breitling, and DS Smith. She is known for her distinctive ability to inspire collaboration and bridge gaps between teams, fostering a customer-centric approach in product and service design. Endorsements from colleagues, clients, and partners reflect Sasha's meticulous and analytical nature, as well as her ability to empathize with a broad spectrum of customer needs.


– HOST –
Principal Consultant, Medallia

Lisa joined Medallia in 2019. Since then she has advised a range of companies across sectors including B2B clients, on driving change & building cultural transformation through listening to the customer. Lisa has a focus on supporting clients to enable CX Strategy, Customer Centricity & develop robust Governance systems. Prior to joining Medallia Lisa was responsible for developing M&G’s programme in the UK, and prior to that worked closely with clients at Forsta, including running the internal CX programme. She has also had a long career in market research at a number of top agencies.

About Medallia

Medallia is the pioneer and market leader in customer, employee, citizen, and patient experience. As the No. 1 enterprise experience platform, Medallia Experience Cloud is the experience system of record that makes all other applications customer and employee aware. The platform captures billions of experience signals across interactions including all voice, video, digital, IoT, social media, and corporate-messaging tools. 

Medallia uses proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to automatically reveal predictive insights that drive powerful business actions and outcomes. Medallia customers reduce churn, turn detractors into promoters and buyers, create in-the-moment cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and drive revenue-impacting business decisions, providing clear and potent returns on investment. For more information visit

About GemSeek

GemSeek is a global provider of Integrated Experience Intelligence Services, assisting enterprises in designing, building, and expanding customer experience programs. They specialize in understanding and streamlining customer, product, and brand experiences, offering advanced predictive analytics and customer centricity initiatives. Using industry-leading CX management technologies, GemSeek empowers companies to proactively manage customer experiences, with a proven record of enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing churn for clients across various sectors.

GemSeek has also distinguished itself as an innovator in the field of predictive analytics with the award-winning Predictive NPS that equips businesses to significantly enhance customer retention and loyalty by proactively identifying and addressing customer concerns.

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