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Speakers in Detail


Director, Customer Experience​,

Matthew Boretti is a results-driven professional with experience across sales, sales training, marketing, project management, and customer experience. He currently works as Director of Customer Experience, supporting several business units at Teleflex where he has helped to drive a customer-centric culture through the Teleflex Customer Champions program, along with implementing solutions designed to simplify customer interactions. These efforts, combined with the establishment of a customer listening platform has demonstrated Teleflex’s commitment to CX in the medical device sector.​


Head of Brand & Experience Insight, Philips​

Anneke Quinn-de Jong is the Head of Brand & Experience Insight at Philips, providing customer insights and analytics across the company. She comes from a background in Brand & Innovation Consultancy, where she had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of brands such as Unilever, P&G, Heineken, Vodafone, Novartis & Kraft. Throughout her career, she has held various leadership roles in market intelligence, brand creation, and customer insights. Anneke lives and breathes customer insight and together with her team plays a crucial role in decision-making around Brand and UX.​


Product Research and Business Strategy​, Butterfly Network​

Kate holds an advanced degree in cognitive and neural sciences, and has spent the last decade in the medtech and healthcare industries. Kate has consulted for companies ranging from startups to health systems to Fortune 5 organizations, providing business insights, regulatory/human factors guidance, portfolio strategy, and innovation roadmaps. She is currently the Director of Research for Growth and Strategy at Butterfly Network.​


– HOST –
Commercial Director and Head of Healthcare Insights & Analytics​, GemSeek​

Ivan Stoyanov, CCXP, serves as the Commercial Director and Head of Healthcare Insights & Analytics at GemSeek. With a passion for assisting global MedTech companies, HCPs, patients, and insurers in making strategic decisions, Ivan brings expertise in market research, data science, and technology to the table. His work focuses on improving predictive capabilities and prescribing actions that lead to better value-based healthcare at affordable costs.​

GemSeek hosted a webinar on the Voice of the Customer in MedTech, focusing on strategies to enhance business success and differentiation in a highly competitive market. The session offered real-life insights, practical examples, and emphasized the significant impact of customer-centric approach on business outcomes.

Topics Discussed

The most prominent changes in customer insights in the MedTech market and why they matter to professionals.

Successful communication channels and real-life use cases for MedTech companies to effectively connect with customers and cater to their needs.

Common pitfalls of traditional methodologies and why they often fail to deliver actionable insights.

Evolving customer expectations and their impact on brand insights and management, with tangible examples from industry leaders.

Innovative methods to measure customer experience and the importance of post-feedback actions.

Drive Business Transformation in Healthcare with GemSeek

Customer Experience Insights & Analytics

Discover the power of GemSeek’s holistic CX programs, unveiling deep insights into your customers and their environment. Our Competitive CX Benchmark program provides an objective approach to put CX in the context of your direct competitors and helps you understand why some customers may prefer them. Understand the core reasons behind customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction with our Root Cause Analysis. Don’t let survey non-respondents go unnoticed – our Predictive NPS model assigns satisfaction scores to non-responsive customers, allowing proactive outreach.

Voice of the Customer Solutions

Make data-driven decisions with our Voice of the Customer Solutions, exploring brand perceptions and ensuring successful product launches. GemSeek’s analytical, predictive, and customer-centric approach ensures your business stays ahead in a highly dynamic and competitive market. Trust us to generate deep and actionable insights that help you achieve excellence in every aspect of your healthcare business.

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