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CX Insights for Enhanced Patient-Centered Care

Understanding customer interactions and, consequently, patient experiences is paramount for organisational success in the competitive landscape of the medical technology industry. However, traditional customer experience assessments often fall short, offering only a narrow view of performance. Join industry leaders from Roche Diagnostics, GemSeek, and guest Forrester for an enlightening webinar as we delve into the value of competitive CX benchmarking across the full healthcare spectrum.

During this webinar, we will explore how deeper insights into customer interactions and patient experiences can fuel strategic decision-making and elevate market positioning while focusing on patient benefits as well. We will emphasise that beyond mere numbers, it’s the comprehensive insights and analytics that truly contextualise your performance within the dynamic MedTech landscape. Through real-world examples and expert insights, we will illustrate how organisations can leverage CX benchmarking to outperform competitors and achieve sustainable growth with the patient in mind. 

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

The Need for Comprehensive CX Analysis in Healthcare: Understand why traditional CX metrics fall short in the healthcare sector and how CX benchmarking fills this gap.

Driving Strategic Decision-Making: Learn how pinpointing differentiating touchpoints and drivers empowers strategic decision-making to maintain your competitive edge, enhance customer retention, and seize new growth opportunities, which in turn serve to improve the patient journey as well.

Best practices from the field from Forrester analysts

Real-Life Case Studies: Discover real-world examples of how competitive CX benchmarking has transformed healthcare organisations, leading to improved market positioning and enhanced customer loyalty.

Interactive Q&A Session: Engage with our experts and get your burning questions about CX benchmarking in MedTech answered in real time.

Join us and unlock the insights that will propel your healthcare organisation towards sustainable growth and improved customer satisfaction. 

Judy Weader

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Judy Weader is a principal analyst with expertise in customer experience (CX) research, governance, prioritization, ROI, and strategy. With a background spanning healthcare and government CX, she also evaluates digital user experiences. Previously, she advised Forrester’s Customer Experience Council and led CX strategy at Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island. Judy's diverse career includes roles in risk management for a US Treasury/Defence Department programme and IT management at Houghton Mifflin Company. She holds a master's in finance from Boston College and a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Penn State.

Benjamin Bastian

Director of Global Market Insights, Core Lab & Point-of-Care, Roche Diagnostics

Benjamin Bastian is the Director Global Market Insights for Core Lab and Point-of-Care at Roche Diagnostics. He has 10 years’ experience in delivering strategic commercial initiatives (sales, marketing, service, consulting) from his time at Roche and Accenture Management Consulting, with a strong background in Digital Transformation, Insights & Analytics, and Customer Experience Management,  He is known for leading with vision and empathy, for dedication to deliver tangible impact and for the ability to build and scale teams and solutions from scratch.

Ivan Stoyanov

– HOST –
Commercial Director & Head of Healthcare Insights & Analytics, GemSeek

Ivan Stoyanov, CCXP, is the Commercial Director and Head of Healthcare Insights & Analytics at GemSeek. Ivan is passionate about directing strategic decision-making, with a dedicated focus on empowering international MedTech companies, healthcare providers, patients, and insurers. Leveraging a rich background in market research, data science, and technology, Ivan excels in enhancing predictive capabilities and formulating actionable strategies that foster value-based healthcare solutions.

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Discover the power of GemSeek’s holistic CX programs, unveiling deep insights into your customers and their environment. Our Competitive CX Benchmark program provides an objective approach to put CX in the context of your direct competitors and helps you understand why some customers may prefer them. Understand the core reasons behind customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction with our Root Cause Analysis. Don’t let survey non-respondents go unnoticed – our Predictive NPS model assigns satisfaction scores to non-responsive customers, allowing proactive outreach.

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About GemSeek

GemSeek is a global provider of Integrated Experience Intelligence Services, assisting enterprises in designing, building, and expanding customer experience programs. They specialize in understanding and streamlining customer, product, and brand experiences, offering advanced predictive analytics and customer centricity initiatives. Using industry-leading CX management technologies, GemSeek empowers companies to proactively manage customer experiences, with a proven record of enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing churn for clients across various sectors.

GemSeek has also distinguished itself as an innovator in the field of predictive analytics with the award-winning Predictive NPS that equips businesses to significantly enhance customer retention and loyalty by proactively identifying and addressing customer concerns.

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