Insurance beyond NPS


  • Employee experience: deliver consistent messaging at all times
  • Addressing customer feedback through text analytics & predictive capabilities
  • Assessing & prioritising best actions to impact customer NPS
  • Analysing insurance customer lifetime value to drive strategic decisions


NPS measurement for generating business value

Wathch the entire session, where leading insurance experts share their advice
and experience in designing successful customer experience programs
and achieving operational excellence through predictive analytics

Learn how to personalise experience
across all tiers of your customer base

Book a personal meeting with our Director of Insurance practice – Stilian Milanov

Explore dynamic CX-to-business value framework to increase business growth

GemSeek’s framework allows you to tie core business functions – underwriting, sales, claims and more and transform your CX management program into a strategic driver for growth. The framework will allow you to:

  • Increase the NPS of your most valuable customers
  • Uplift customer lifetime value
  • Increase the retention ratio

About the speakers

Mariella Niederkofler

Group Head of Customer Experience, Generali

Renowned leader with 10+ years of CX Experience, in different industries, experienced in implementing customer strategies in complex organizations, driving impactful actions at scale resulting in a +26% increase of promoters. Currently appointed as Group Head of CX at Generali.

Stilian Milanov

Director Insurance Practice, GemSeek

Stilian has deep expertise in Insurance Sector following 15 years experience at various executives roles in AIG and Allianz. His previous role within underwriting provides great insight on how customer experience may help meet underwriting targets and align CX program with UW governance policies.

Paul Tovey

Senior Customer Experience Manager, AIG

Paul’s an accomplished Customer Experience and Market Research professional combining fresh thinking, creativity and a passion that insight be actioned to drive customer centric transformation within organisations.

Enrique Gomez

Principal Customer Experience for South Europe, Medallia

Enrique Gómez Alonso has more than 10 years of experience in customer experience, now as Principal XP South EMEA at Medallia but before he was Chief Customer Officer in Zurich Insurance Spain and before that in Vodafone Spain.