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Understand how your customer experience stacks against your competitors with Competitive CX Benchmark

Asking your customers how they feel is a great way to start measuring customer experience, but it’s only half of the picture. Your customers may like you, but if they like your competitors more, they will not hesitate to switch.  
Competitive CX Benchmarking puts your scores in the context of the real market. It is a comprehensive insight & analytics service that helps you understand at which touchpoints or drivers you surpass the competition and where do you lag behind other vendors. It allows you to focus where it matters the most to prevent churn or gain new business.

Leaders in Customer Experience use Competitive CX Benchmark to

Drive strategic initiatives and improvements

Improve weak points in the customer journey and prioritise the improvements and initiatives that will make a true difference.

Improve positioning

Identify competitive advantages and use them to improve your positioning and messaging strategy.

We are experts in Complex Competitive CX Benchmark programs

That span across many markets, business units and models

14 markets

2 waves

4 500 respondents

2 workshops

13 markets

21 modalities

36 sub-modalities

14 000 respondents

3 markets

3 quarterly waves

1 600 - 10 000 respondents

6 custom reports

12-29 KPIs evaluation

Why does Competitive CX Benchmarking drive meaningful improvements?

Full Customer Journey

We don’t just benchmark on an organizational level, we provide deep dives across touchpoints, products and key drivers of satisfaction.

Minimized Bias

We don’t just survey your existing customers; we recruit specialized panels and double-blind respondents and survey sponsor.

Add-On Advanced Analytics 

We go deeper than standard reporting with advanced analytics models, such as text analytics and root cause analysis.

Interactive and intuitive reporting designed to guide you and your teams to action

Intuitive Online Dashboards

In addition to the traditional reports, we present the results in interactive online dashboards. Share insights across the whole organization and allow users to drill down across geographies, customer segments or any other meaningful criteria.

Interactive Reportouts

We provide a series of reporting sessions to engage stakeholders across the organization, walk them through the findings and provide them with strategic recommendations.

Ongoing Support and Consulting

We support your team throughout the entire project in regards to survey design and methodologies, reporting and taking actions.

Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure comparability of results between your existing NPS/CSAT measurement and the Competitive CX Benchmark, we follow these steps: 

Alignment of measurement parameters: We make sure that the data collection methods, question-wording, and scoring scales used by the Competitive CX Benchmark are consistent with your current NPS/CSAT measurement. 

  1. Define the same target audience: We make sure both measurements focus on the same target customer segments, allowing for a direct comparison of the results. 
  2. Comparable data collection periods: We advise conducting both measurements during the same time frame or similar periods to account for any potential seasonal or cyclical fluctuations in customer sentiment. 
  3. Benchmark calibration: If possible, we calibrate your existing NPS/CSAT measurement with the Competitive CX Benchmark by comparing historical data or running a pilot study to ensure the two measurements align. 

The Competitive CX Benchmark can be combined with your existing CX data, such as NPS or CSAT scores (e.g. Relationship NPS and Transactional NPS), to provide a comprehensive view of the market and to compare your performance against competitors.  

Integrating Competitive CX Benchmark and existing NPS programmes (Relationship and Transactional) facilitates a holistic CX programme delivering:  

  1. Localised initiatives, driving improvement across local and customer-specific touchpoints. 
  2. Strategic direction and top management steering, navigating the competitive environment, and improving the overall market position. 

Competitive CX Benchmarking programmes? 

Organizations from multiple industries leverage insights from the Competitive CX Benchmark programme to inform data-driven decisions and drive operational improvements. Leading examples include:  

  1. Identification of strengths and weaknesses in the journey: Outline specific areas where the company excels or lags competitors, leading to a better understanding of where to focus growth efforts for current and new business. 
  2. Customer segmentation and relevant targeting: Segment and improve understanding of the customer groups and design a better loyalty targeting approach for the customer groups. 
  3. Strengthening competitive messaging: Develop a refined and resonating competitive messaging with a clear understanding of customer's preferences and needs. 
  4. Activation of strategic CX insights: Set market-level workshops, to identify CX areas to streamline, leading to cost savings, and better go-to-market strategy, marketing, and operations. 

When we first set up the benchmark for you, the time to insights from the first wave is approximately 14 business weeks. Subsequent quarterly updates usually take between 10 and 12 business weeks 

We specialize in programmes for organizations with B2B models and hard-to-get target groups. We have many years of experience running Competitive NPS and Competitive CX Benchmark programmes for the world's biggest medical device manufacturers, construction materials manufacturers, B2B services, logistics providers, and many others.