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Revamping Competitive NPS: Accelerating Insights for a MedTech Leader


increased access
to first-hand market insights


quicker turnaround
Of findings and improved comparability


across all key markets and modalities

The business problem

Our client—a world leader in medical device and health IT — wanted to revamp their ongoing global competitive NPS program and the entire healthcare portfolio the program covers.

The current competitive NPS program had limited access to target audience and was taking longer than expected. Any annual changes made consistent tracking a harder task to accomplish.

Our Solution

We designed a more actionable and consistent NPS program across a total of 11 modalities and multiple sub-modalities.

  • Customer profiling questions, modality interactions, brand usage.
  • Overall satisfaction per touchpoint: orders, account management, installation, training, product quality, service.
  • Reasons to recommend, repurchase intent, pricing, importance modelling analytics.
  • Competitive benchmarks on all the above.

Key Project Success Metrics

Our new setup allowed the client to increase access to first-hand market insights from current potential and competitive customers by over 50%

Our suggestions improved the actionability of our client’s insights. The much needed comparability and quicker turnarounds of findings led go strategic improvements across all key markets and modalities.

Project Trivia:

About Company: Global MedTech Leader

Industry: Medical Equipment Manufacturing

Company Size: 10 001+ employees

Location: USA, Germany, France, Italy, UK, Brazil, India, China, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Australia, KSA, South Africa

GemSeek Capabilities: Competitive CX Benchmark

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