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Insights & analytics for brand, product validation and customer experience in healthcare

We help global medical technology companies and healthcare providers proactively address customer needs. Our team of dedicated professionals is experienced in the dynamics of the healthcare market and will help you answer even the most complex questions about product strategy, competitive benchmarking, and customer experience.

Customer experience in healthcare: holistic programs that
study your customers and environment in depth

The customers of your competitors

We build Competitive CX programs that benchmark your strengths and weaknesses against your biggest competitors and track developments continuously.

The underlying causes

Our Root Cause Analysis gives you a better understanding of “the why behind the why” and helps you address the core reasons of customer (dis)satisfaction.

The voice of silent customers

Predictive NPS model assigns an accurate satisfaction score to non-responsive customers enabling you to treat more customers proactively.

What our clients say

The Unrealised potential of customer insights in MedTech

Dive into this article to learn how focusing on simplicity, observational data, and the right balance between customers and non-customers can make all the difference in gaining a competitive edge.

Voice of the Customer for healthcare companies

Leaders in the medical equipment industry are set apart by their structured and consistent strategies to capture the Voice of the Customer. Every year we run hundreds of insights projects to support companies in MedTech, Life Science and Laboratory domain make data-driven decisions about brands, marketing and new product or solutions. We can help you understand:

Perceptions of your brand

Holistic brand research programs that capture brand performance and purchase funnel, brand value, preferred channels and message to improve your general brand building efforts, competitive position, names and event evaluations.

The right solutions

Remove risk of failure regarding new product or solutions launches by exploring in-depth market needs, optimal features and pricing of products and services.

Successful positioning

Test potential value proposition and messaging ideas and identify areas of differentiation to create effective marketing and communications strategies

What our clients say

Other services for brand, product validation and customer
experience in Healthcare

Customer experience

– Text analytics
– CX – Financial analytics
– Next Best Action

Product & marketing

– Event evaluation
– Text analytics
– Name tests

Brand research

– Marketing mix and channel optimisation
– Onsite event evaluation

Customer analytics

– Upsell and Cross-sell modelling
– Churn modelling