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Effective Brand and Customer Experience Strategies for B2B Organizations

We are experts in guiding B2B organizations through the complexities of today’s experience economy. We work with companies in the manufacturing, technology, and service sectors, helping them overcome challenges in customer experience (CX) and brand positioning. Through our suite of solutions, including Advanced Analytics, Competitive Benchmarking, and CXM Platform services, we help organisations maintain strong relationships with their customers, stay ahead of the competition, and make data-driven decisions for sustainable growth.

Our expertise is proven across a wide range of verticals, from construction materials to manufacturing

We empower global B2B customer experience and marketing teams
with comprehensive insights & analytics programs

Tailored Brand & Customer Experience Strategy

We offer a customized approach to help you build a strong brand and maintain enduring relationships with your customers. Through brand tracking and customer experience program design, we equip you with actionable insights to differentiate your brand and keep your customers engaged.

Competitive Benchmarking for Market Leadership

Stay ahead in your industry by understanding how your brand stacks up against the competition. We employ advanced analytics to identify key performance indicators and customer preference drivers, so you can fortify your market position.

Streamline CX with our Advanced CXM Platform

Leverage the power of technology to enhance your CX program. We implement and service leading global CXM platforms for seamless data collection, real-time reporting, and a close-the-loop process, making it easier than ever to keep tabs on customer satisfaction and employee performance.

Build Trust and Long-term Value with Sustainability Strategies

In an age where sustainability shapes customer decisions, we provide tools and insights to incorporate sustainability into your CX strategy. Prioritize sustainability to build trust, foster customer loyalty, and create lasting value for your business.

Our largest brand and customer experience programs

Brand tracker & Competitive Benchmark

14 markets

2 waves

4 500+ respondents

2 workshops

Customer Experience Management

12 markets

4 business lines

6000+ respondents

End-to-End CX management

Brand & Customer Experience Management

118 markets

6 business lines

28 000+ respondents

End-to-End CX & BX management

What our clients say

The Big Shift in B2B Customer Experience: Evolving from measurement to action

Watch B2B customer experience leaders from Forrester, DS Smith and GemSeek share key strategies to expand the remit of the CX function – from developing a shared vision and securing leadership commitment to proving the value of CX and enabling action at scale through advanced technology.

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