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Petko Tinchev


Petko is one of the founders of GemSeek. He has extensive experience in business consulting, market research, and analytics projects, as well as the development of technology and innovations. His leadership vision for GemSeek relies on continuous innovation that originates from clients’ needs and genuine attentiveness to people in the organization. His rich B2C and B2B experience and relentless focus on results and relationships are one of the reasons GemSeek is widely recognised as customer-centric in the industry.

Kaloyan Stefanov

Managing Director

Kaloyan is best at linking GemSeek’s methodologies and propositions in the fields of customer experience & data analytics with companies’ business objectives. Kaloyan’s consultative, tech-savvy approach helps clients not only solve their current questions but drive their business forward. Kaloyan has extensive experience delivering tangible improvements in sales, retention & customer experience for global leaders such as Philips, Liberty Global, Boehringer Ingelheim, Coca-Cola, IKEA, Adidas & others.

Ivaylo Yorgov

Managing Director

Ivaylo is an experienced research professional focused on delivering data-driven insights. He is currently leading the insights teams, which utilise traditional qualitative and quantitative methodologies, but also contemporary practices for understanding the customer, such as web mining and text analytics at scale. GemSeek’s clients benefit from his science-backed, innovation-driven approach to getting to the hearts and minds of today’s consumers.

Morgan Evans

Managing Director

Morgan has extensive experience leading successful Customer, Commercial and Digital transformations for Fortune 500 companies. Working in the intersection between Customer Experience, Data Science, Research and Analytics. Today as Managing Director of GemSeek Morgan partners with leaders across many sectors helping to drive new growth from a deeper customer understanding and faster more powerful applications of their data.

Innovation Champions

Martin Dimov

Director Data Science

Martin has a solid background in statistics and over 16 years of experience in analyzing clients’ data across industries and business questions. Some of these include CRM analytics, predictive modeling, data visualization, advanced data mining, and machine learning. He leads our team of dedicated data scientists focused on combining multiple data sources to analyze and forecast business KPIs. His latest efforts include building advanced semi-automated tools that help optimize our clients’ operations and analytics.

Ivan Stefanov

Director Data Analytics Products

Ivan is leading the development of best-in-class data analytics models that predict customer behavior and help companies reduce churn and generate business growth. Ivan has a background in Economics, Finance and Data Analytics. He has experience in leading data analytics projects for large multinationals, unlocking insights and creating value in industries like telco, financial services, logistics, retail, and beyond.

Latina Angelova

Director Product, Propositions & GTM

Latina has led numerous Healthcare market research & competitive intelligence projects. She has rich experience in business analytics, qual and quant analyses, desk research, project consulting and account management. In her current role, Latina leads the positioning and go-to-market efforts for GemSeek’s most innovative products and services.

Industry Leads

Temenushka Milenkova

Head of Services & Enterprise Practice

Temenushka is part of GemSeek’s consultative practice helping companies in various industries improve customer satisfaction and generate business growth. She has a background in Economics, Data Analytics and Consulting. Temenushka has experience in leading customer experience projects for large multinationals, unlocking insights and creating value in industries like telco, retail, construction, financial services, insurance, and beyond.

Ivan Stoyanov

Head of Healthcare Practice

Ivan is currently leading the team, which handles projects for companies in the medical devices, pharma and hospital industries. Ivan is experienced in projects which combine traditional research and analytical models. He has a deep knowledge of the business and science specifics of the healthcare industry. Together with his team, he has supported the development of numerous innovative medical devices with customer insights, as well as the improvement of patient experience for various healthcare facilities.

Senior Leadership

Petia Popova

Director of Human Resources

Petia is an experienced professional with over 15 years in strategic HR consulting, leadership development and potential assessment. She is a Hogan Assessment system certified consultant, a Lego Serios play certified facilitator and a Business coach. Her focus is on the intersection between Culture, Strategy and Talent where she can source, nurture, onboard and develop the best people on the market and help the organization and the employees reach their full potential! Her priority is a continuous improvement of the GS Learning culture where the Gems can test their limits and nurture their flexible mindset towards exquisite outcomes. The Gemseekers benefit also from her education and experience in psychology and consulting. Petia believes that the key to professional success is a combination of a thirst for knowledge, an inquisitive approach, and the right mindset which can unleash any potential.