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Enhance your customer engagement strategy and speed up your CX program

The telecommunications industry is undergoing radical transformation. 5G, IoT and the boom of streaming services are blurring traditional market boundaries among increasing consumer concerns about privacy, security and unfair business practices. And while the environment and customers are evolving, industry leaders are often stuck trying to solve legacy challenges or answer competitor moves. But consumers don’t care about siloed data.

How we help

Profitable Customer Growth

Our customer analytics solution will help you boost customer acquisition and reduce churn. It ensures your customer agents make accurate decisions WHO, WHY and HOW to target for optimal results and highest ROI.

Customer Experience Impact

Get to the next stage of your customer experience transformation journey. We will help you prove the financial value of your program and link strategic and individual customer initiatives to reduced churn and improved customer revenue.

Advanced Analytics in Telecommunications

Everything you need to know about implementing advanced analytics in your organization in one playbook.

All services

Omnichannel Journey Management System

Track customer paths and get recommendations on how to nudge them to the next stage.

Marketing Mix Modelling

Define your optimal marketing spend levels across all channels and play around with different scenarios in our user-friendly simulator.

Innovation Roadmap

Understand what behaviours and trends garner the highest interest and emotional engagement with customers to generate and prioritise ideas for innovations.

Dynamic Micro Segmentation

Improve retention and upsell efforts by crafting precisely targeted initiatives for the priority segments.

Competitive Benchmarking

Keep your finger on the pulse of the industry and adjust your brand, product and marketing strategies accordingly.