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Unlock the Power of Unstructured Data with Text Analytics

In today’s data-driven world, businesses are swamped with unstructured text data from customer reviews, social media, and internal documents. The inability to analyze this data leaves valuable insights untapped. GemSeek Text Analytics transforms unstructured text into actionable insights, leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning models.

Text Analytics can support decision
making in any customer-related strategic area

Customer Experience

Gain a comprehensive understanding of customer sentiment and behavior. Improve customer satisfaction by understanding customer needs and pain points

Products & Services

Make data-driven decisions to improve products and services. Enhance product development through customer-centric insights


Stay ahead of the competition by understanding market trends. Optimize marketing strategies based on real-time customer feedback

Our text analytics solutions are comprehensive & tailored
to your business needs

Tailored Solutions

Unlike one-size-fits-all services, we offer tailored ontology & topic trees specific to your industry and business needs

Advanced Algorithms

We use Google Sentiment Analysis, renowned for its high accuracy, to provide reliable sentiment scores

Multi-Channel Analysis

From web mining to executive PPTs, we offer a variety of output formats to suit your business needs


Our seasoned analysts bring years of experience in text analytics, ensuring that you get the most out of your data

How do we work in text analytics?

Methodology & Execution Steps

A detailed plan tailored to your specific needs.

Sample Outputs

Executive PPTs for clients and partners, dashboards for client-only access, and cognitive maps for ad hoc projects.

Custom Dashboards

Intuitive dashboards to drill down views and get valuable insights easily.

Ongoing Support

Regular updates and check-ins to ensure the analytics framework remains aligned with your business goals. 

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