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Unlock the Power of Data-Driven Decisions with Next Best Action

In today’s competitive landscape, organizations face the challenge of identifying high-impact actions that drive a positive customer experience (CX) at both organizational and individual levels. Next Best Action (NBA) is a cutting-edge recommendation engine that helps enterprise companies harness the full potential of their data, enabling smarter decisions at scale and driving significant CX uplift. 

Experience Measurable Business Impact with Next Best Action

Improve customer experience and retention 

Elevate customer satisfaction and loyalty by identifying and prioritizing high-impact actions that drive a positive customer experience.

Enhance targeting of upsell and referral campaigns 

Enhance targeting for upsell and referral campaigns by leveraging data-driven insights, resulting in increased revenue growth. 

Streamline decision-making processes 

Simplify and optimize decision-making processes across the organization by utilizing our Next Best Action tool's data-driven recommendations. 

Increase collaboration across departments 

Promote knowledge sharing and collaboration across departments and markets by implementing a data-driven approach with our NBA tool. 

Why choose our Next Best Action Tool?

Established Process 

A unique stepwise approach for smooth implementation and evolution. 

Flexible Data Requirements 

Two customizable options based on your organization's data availability and readiness 

Fully embeddable in your workflows 

Compatibility with existing close-the-loop actions, CX, and additional customer data sources 

Fit for any industry 

Proven success in both B2B and B2C contexts with tangible ROI 

How does Next Best Action Work?

We take a holistic approach to NBA implementation, offering end-to-end support. Our team works with you to understand your organization’s data landscape and prepare it for use with our NBA tool. We create a machine-learning model that leverages neural networks and regression analysis to predict customer behavior and identify high-impact actions. We integrate the NBA tool into your existing infrastructure, providing a seamless user experience for your teams. We work closely with you to ensure the success of your NBA implementation, offering continuous improvements and adjustments based on your evolving business needs. 


The Next Best Action (NBA) model requires a combination of customer experience (CX) data and, optionally, additional data points from various sources to make personalized recommendations that cater to individual customer needs and preferences.

  1. CX data: This includes customer feedback and satisfaction scores, such as NPS (Net Promoter Score) or CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score).
  2. Before close-the-loop data: Customer feedback or satisfaction information collected before any follow-up actions are taken.
  3. After close-the-loop data: Customer feedback or satisfaction data collected after follow-up actions have been implemented, providing insights into the effectiveness of these actions.
  4. Close-the-loop actions tied to specific customers/transactions: Data on the specific actions taken to address customer feedback, enabling the model to understand the impact of different actions on customer satisfaction.

Optional data points for a more comprehensive model (Phase 2):

  1. CRM data: Customer relationship management data, including customer demographics, preferences, and purchase history, can help tailor recommendations to individual customer profiles.
  2. Ops and usage data: Information on customer interactions with products or services, such as usage patterns or service consumption, can provide insights into customer behavior and preferences.
  3. Interactions, complaints, tickets: Data from customer support interactions, complaints, and support tickets can help identify common customer issues and preferences.
  4. Billing, volume data: Information on customer billing and transaction volumes can offer insights into customer spending patterns and financial preferences.
  5. Financial data: Financial information, such as credit scores or payment history, can help tailor recommendations to customers' financial circumstances.

Next Best Action (NBA) is a data-driven approach that can be effectively applied across various industries and business models to enhance customer experience and satisfaction. It helps businesses identify and recommend the most appropriate actions to address individual customer needs, preferences, or concerns. Some industries where NBA can be particularly beneficial include:

  1. Financial Services: Banks, insurance companies, and investment firms can use NBA to tailor offers and advice, recommend relevant products, and guide customers through financial decision-making processes.
  2. Telecommunications: NBA can help telecom providers determine the best plans, offers, or support options for individual customers, ensuring a personalized experience that caters to their unique needs.
  3. Retail and E-commerce: These businesses can use NBA to recommend personalized promotions, suggest relevant products, or offer targeted support to customers, enhancing their overall shopping experience.
  4. Healthcare: Healthcare providers can apply NBA to suggest the most suitable treatments, follow-up appointments, or care plans, ensuring each patient receives tailored care based on their specific needs.
  5. Travel and Hospitality: Airlines, hotels, and other travel-related businesses can use NBA to recommend personalized offers, travel experiences, or loyalty program benefits, improving customer satisfaction and driving repeat business.

Both depend on the amount of data, markets, business units, products or other details you want to delve in. A standard delivery timeframe would be between 7 and 14 weeks. As to pricing, we offer a flexible model with one-time set up fees and quarterly subscription for updates afterwards.

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