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Transform Your Digital Strategy with Medallia Digital Experience Analytics

In today’s digital landscape, understanding customer behavior is more challenging than ever. Medallia Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) is here to change that. The platform empowers you to gain real-time insights into customer interactions, allowing you to prioritize issues, drive conversions, and deliver exceptional experiences at scale. The result? Increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue.

Real-time Insights into your Customers’ Digital Journeys,
Real Business Value

In-Depth Insights for Strategic Decision-Making

Eliminate the guesswork from your decision-making process. With real-time, prioritized data at your fingertips, you can allocate resources more efficiently, thereby reducing operational costs and improving customer satisfaction

Visual Tools for Quick Problem Identification

Use intuitive visual tools like heatmaps and session replays to quickly identify the root causes of customer friction points and implement targeted solutions. This leads to higher conversion rates and a more seamless customer experience, which in turn boosts revenue

Scalable Solutions for Long-Term Success

As your customer base grows, so does the complexity of managing their experiences. Medallia’s scalable solutions ensure that you can maintain a high level of customer satisfaction while also growing your revenue streams. This builds long-term customer loyalty and enhances your brand reputation

Why choose Medallia Digital Experience Analytics from GemSeek?

Unmatched Analytics

The only platform that can identify, score, and prioritize every online user experience

Seamless Integration

DXA is part of the Medallia Digital Suite, offering a unified solution for digital experience management

Trusted Partnership

Collaborate with GemSeek to unlock the value of your digital data based on established best practices and quality standards

Main Digital Experience Analytics Components

Observed Behaviour and Calculations

Important data of website usage at one glance while discovering the most important insights at a glance.

Holistic Analytics

Get an end to end understanding of all user journeys.

Operational and Onsite Action

Act in real-time based on experience scores & behaviors to drive in-the-moment impact.

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