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Strenghtening Presence of a MedTech Leader through Concept Testing in the Home Respiratory Services Domain


Customer base


Market position


Offerings and single out differentiating features

The business problem

A leading manufacturer of respiratory care products wanted to further strengthen their presence and ultimately, understand whether their innovative new service would be well accepted to solidify their position as a market leader in the United States.

Our Solution

In order to create a holistic picture behind the driving factors influencing choices and needs for home care services, we executed a brand perception and concept-testing study. It served as a solid base to better grasp the current market dynamics and prescribers’ decision-making process. We scoped and executed an in-depth qualitative stage and supplemented the findings with a detailed quantitative research, which involved case managers, physicians and hospital admins. The combination of top-down and bottom-up analysis allowed us to build a home respiratory care services market segmentation and a clearer view of the key aspects in reaching each segment.

Key Project Success Metrics

GemSeek’s strategic recommendations guided our client on how to strengthen their market position. The concept test helped fine-tune the offering and single out differentiating features. Individual segment-level insights aided to plan promotion effectively. As an end result, our client managed to increase its customer base by 9%.

Project Trivia:

Industry: MedTech

Company Size: 10 001+ employees

Location: Global

GemSeek Capabilities: Text Analytics, Market Research

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