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Healthcare Insights, May 2024

In this edition:

Our AI Excellence Recognition at Global Customer Centricity Awards

We’re proud to announce our recent achievements at the Customer Centricity World Series by ARCET Global. Our projects excelled in a competitive field of 100 entries from 22 countries, judged by independent experts. GemSeek’s dedication to AI innovation earned two significant recognitions: 

  • Best AI Ethics/Governance Strategy Winner Award for our AI Adoption and Governance Strategy
  • Best Predictive Analytics AI Product Commendation for our Predictive NPS solution

Reuters Pharma 2024: Voices & Topics Report

This year’s congress in Barcelona united industry leaders, healthcare professionals, and policymakers. The event included wide-ranging discussions on pharmaceutical development and patient care. Our report covers the most discussed topics on social media, delves into specific subtopics, and identifies the most influential voices in Pharma.

Expert Insights: How to develop product from a data-driven perspective

The article discusses how product management now focuses on using data to make better decisions and improve products. It emphasises the importance of trying out ideas quickly, learning from the results, and making changes as needed. Data quality and management are also key to keep improving products based on customer needs and market changes.

About GemSeek

Experience GemSeek’s insights and analytics tailored for the MedTech industry. We support global medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers in improving brand equity, product validation, and customer experience. As a trusted partner to leading medical equipment providers, we offer comprehensive customer experience programs and data-driven decision-making. Gain in-depth market understanding to enhance product strategy, competitive benchmarking, and customer satisfaction.

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