Winning the Race in Healthcare: CX Insights for Enhanced Patient-Centred Care

Release Date: 11 April 2024
Duration: 1 hr


Unlock the secrets to enhancing healthcare services with Competitive Customer Experience (CX) Benchmarking in our on-demand webinar. Industry experts from Roche Diagnostics and Forrester reveal how to elevate your customer experience strategy in the competitive healthcare landscape. 

Traditional CX programs often fall short in capturing your competitive standing. Discover how comprehensive competitive benchmarking can provide invaluable insights, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and capitalize on opportunities for success. 

Watch the webinar and learn: 

Why standard customer service ratings are inadequate in healthcare and how CX benchmarking offers a broader perspective

Strategies for leveraging CX benchmarking to make informed decisions, retain clients, and explore growth avenues

Real-world examples of successful implementations from Roche Diagnostics and Forrester



Principal Analyst, Forrester


Director of Global Market Insights, Core Lab & Point-of-Care, Roche Diagnostics


– HOST –
Commercial Director & Head of Healthcare Insights & Analytics, GemSeek

Our Answers To Your Questions

Benjamin Bastian, Roche Diagnostics: We leverage both research data and ongoing customer data collection methods to gain a comprehensive understanding of our audience. Our approach involves combining insights from various sources, including digital marketing analytics to track online interactions, monitoring order patterns, and addressing concerns raised through our customer service channels.


Additionally, we regularly conduct customer feedback surveys and qualitative interviews to capture nuanced insights. This holistic approach allows us to paint a detailed picture of customer experiences and preferences. Importantly, this data accessibility extends to all employees, providing insights with customer identifying information for relevant teams and anonymised data for others. This decentralised structure ensures timely sharing of insights and best practices across the organisation, facilitating informed decision-making and proactive response to emerging trends or patterns.

Benjamin Bastian, Roche Diagnostics: Measuring the effectiveness of our programmes in understanding customer needs is multifaceted and poses a challenge due to the indirect business impact of insights and analytics. Nonetheless, we employ various metrics to gauge the adoption and utilisation of insights within our organisation. This includes tracking metrics such as login frequency, engagement with the platform, and the number of recurring users.

Additionally, we assess the impact on business decisions and the frequency of notifications for feedback requiring attention. Qualitative feedback from colleagues is also crucial, as it provides insights into the perceived usefulness of the insights and areas for improvement. While measuring the direct impact of insights is challenging, understanding colleague interactions and their perception of the information is invaluable for refining our approach.


Judy Weader, Forrester: Building on Ben's points, measuring effectiveness extends beyond quantitative metrics to encompass qualitative analysis and feedback. Understanding the adoption and engagement levels within the organisation is key, as it indicates the utilisation and impact of insights on decision-making processes. It's essential to follow the journey from insight to action, evaluating the changes implemented based on feedback received and measuring the

resultant outcomes. Open-ended questions in surveys enable us to gather nuanced insights, complementing quantitative data and ensuring a comprehensive understanding of customer needs. By synthesising data with business context, we can derive meaningful insights and assess the effectiveness of our programmes in driving desired customer behaviours.

Judy Weader, Forrester: Proving the ROI of initiatives requires a strategic approach focused on demonstrating tangible benefits to the organization. One practical tip is to consider the "three business case levers": how the initiative helps generate more revenue, save costs, or future-proof the firm against upcoming challenges. Start by aligning the initiative with the organisation's strategy and identifying how improvements can impact key areas. Drawing a direct line between the initiative and its potential effects is crucial for gaining executive support. Once executives are engaged, focus on measuring progress continuously throughout the initiative, not just at the beginning and end. This ongoing measurement allows for the creation of internal business case studies, making initiatives more repeatable and demonstrating their impact on various metrics. While ROI may not always translate directly to monetary gains, evaluating all possible metrics helps capture the initiative's full value, such as improved health outcomes resulting from increased testing rates.

GemSeek, part of Accenture Song: Healthcare organizations can effectively align customer experience benchmarking with their overarching strategic goals by first establishing clear objectives for their customer experience initiatives. This involves identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) that directly contribute to organisational growth and improved patient outcomes, such as patient satisfaction scores, patient retention rates, and operational efficiency metrics. Once these KPIs are defined, organisations can then tailor their benchmarking efforts to focus on collecting data relevant to these goals.


Additionally, it's crucial for organisations to regularly review and analyze the benchmarking data in the context of their strategic objectives. This allows them to identify areas of strength and areas for improvement, enabling informed decision-making and targeted interventions to enhance the customer experience.


Furthermore, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration across different departments within the organisation is essential. By involving stakeholders from various levels and functions, organizations can ensure that the insights gained from customer experience benchmarking are translated into actionable strategies that align with broader organizational goals.


Overall, the key to effectively aligning customer experience benchmarking with strategic goals lies in setting clear objectives, analysing data in context, and fostering a collaborative culture of improvement.

GemSeek, part of Accenture Song: In the era of rapid digital transformation in healthcare, organisations must strike a balance between leveraging digital tools to enhance customer interaction and ensuring inclusivity for all patient demographics, including those less familiar with technology.


One approach is to offer a diverse range of digital tools and platforms that cater to different patient preferences and comfort levels with technology. This could include providing options for online appointment scheduling, virtual consultations, and patient portals for accessing medical records. Simultaneously, organisations should offer alternative channels for communication and access to services, such as phone support or in-person assistance, to accommodate patients who may not be as tech-savvy.


Moreover, organisations must invest in training and support programmes to help both staff and patients navigate digital tools effectively. This could involve providing training sessions, creating user-friendly guides and tutorials, and offering ongoing assistance to address any challenges or questions that arise.


Additionally, ensuring that digital tools adhere to accessibility standards and design principles is crucial for inclusivity. This includes features such as text-to-speech functionality, adjustable font sizes, and intuitive navigation interfaces to accommodate individuals with disabilities or limited technological proficiency.


Ultimately, the key is to leverage digital tools to enhance customer interaction while simultaneously ensuring that no patient demographic is left behind in the digital transformation journey.

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