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ERS 2023 Brand Buzz

Online analysis based on ERS 2023 mentions
in the period 04 Sep 2023 – 20 Sep 2023

09-13 SEPT


The European Respiratory Society (ERS) International Congress 2023 was held in a hybrid format in Milan, Italy from 9th to 13th of September, featuring a comprehensive 5-day program that covered the latest advances in respiratory science and clinical practice. A notable feature of the congress was the Early Career Member session aimed at fostering career development among emerging professionals in the field. The congress also hosted the Networking EXcellence Training programme, dedicated to honing the professional skills of early-career clinicians, researchers, and allied health professionals​.

Activity Over Time

Volume over time is tracked back to one month before the event when most exhibitors started announcing their participation.

Key Event Topics

Posts about the leading 5 topics are 87% of all categorised posts.

*Relative shares are calculated out of all categorised posts within the respective social media.

Competitive Brand Buzz

The top brands that have generated the most engagement with their social media activity – likes, comments, reshares, etc

Brands Strategies & Key Topic Comparison

What did the highest ranking companies in the Brand Buzz analysis talk about?

GSK‘s communication strategy around the ERS Congress emphasized their longstanding efforts and recent advancements in addressing respiratory diseases, particularly focusing on reducing the impact of RSV infection and working towards clinical remission for severe asthma sufferers. Through multiple engagements including hosting symposia, sharing numerous abstracts, and collaborating with global experts, they aimed to redefine respiratory care and improve patient outcomes globally. Additionally, by leveraging various forms of engagements and digital platforms, GSK portrayed a patient-centric approach, showcased real-life testimonials, and fostered discussions on innovative medications and personalized therapies within the respiratory care spectrum.

AstraZeneca‘s communication strategy around the ERS Congress focused on raising awareness and prioritizing the conversation around respiratory diseases like COPD and severe asthma. They highlighted their ongoing efforts in exploring scientific advancements and collaborating with global experts to improve diagnosis, patient referrals, and care plans, particularly emphasizing on eosinophilic inflammation and its role in respiratory diseases. Through various engagements and presentations at the congress, AstraZeneca aimed to foster a deeper understanding, share innovative science, and advocate for policy action to better support individuals affected by these conditions, while also reflecting a broader commitment to addressing cardiopulmonary risks and environmental impacts associated with respiratory care.

At the ERS Congress, Merck (known as MSD outside the US and Canada) showcased its long-term commitment to addressing unmet medical needs in cardiovascular diseases, specifically focusing on Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH). Through various engagements, including presenting new research data and participating in symposia, they highlighted their ongoing initiatives and the potential disease-modifying treatment for PAH they are pioneering, which is currently in Phase 3 STELLAR trial. The communication conveyed a strong sense of dedication towards improving patient lives and advancing research, showcasing Merck’s contributions over six decades in cardiovascular diseases research, and efforts to bring visibility and innovation to the PAH community.

TOP 20 Influencers by Conversation Impact

Jan De Backer


Sarah (Pfeiffer) Peddicord

Global Corporate Affairs at AstraZeneca

Chirfi Guindo

Chief Marketing Officer & Member of the Executive Team at Merck/ MSD

Egle Pavyde

Director Business Development HVIVO

James D Chalmers

Asthma and Lung UK Chair of Respiratory Research, University of Dundee. Chief Editor of the European Respiratory Journal

Omar Usmani

Professor of Respiratory Medicine & President of ISAM

Stefan Woxström

Transforming the future of healthcare as SVP Europe and Canada at AstraZeneca

Wouter van Geffen

Pulmonologist at Medical Center Leeuwarden

Marieke Duiverman

Pulmonary Physician

Sarah Alami Meurant

HEOR & RWE Lead at Air Liquide Healthcare

Anish Thomas

Global Launch Planner at Merck

Licinia Pino

Regional Sales Manager Sleep & Respiratory Care at Philips

Romina Dennehy

Client Success Director at Clario

Victoria Williams

SVP & General Manager, GSK Germany

Ulrica Scaffidi-Argentina, MD

Medical Advisor – Respiratory Area at Chiesi Italy

Jared Brabham

Associate Director - Global Marketing, Pulmonary Hypertension at Merck/MSD

Helder Simão

Account Manager S&RC at Philips

Marcos Nascimento

Sn Medical Manager at Sanofi

Lancelot Pinto

Consultant Respirologist at P.D.Hinduja National Hospital and Medical Research Centre

César López Moreno

Group Director Global Sales at Trudell Medical International (TMI)

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