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EXPO REAL 2023 Brand Buzz

Online analysis based on EXPO REAL 2023 mentions in the period
04 Sep 2023 – 08 Oct 2023

04-06 OCT


The EXPO REAL 2023, held in Munich, served as a pivotal platform amidst challenging times in the real estate sector. Over 1,856 exhibitors and 40,000 participants from across the globe engaged in critical discussions encompassing pressing industry topics such as interest rates, sustainability, and digitalization. The event not only highlighted the existing challenges but also fostered a collaborative environment for professionals to explore potential solutions and seize new opportunities

Activity Over Time

Volume over time is tracked back to one month before the event when most exhibitors started announcing their participation.

Key Event Topics

Posts about the leading 5 topics are 70 % of all categorised posts.

*Relative shares are calculated out of all categorised posts within the respective social media.

Competitive Brand Buzz​

The top brands that have generated the most engagement with their social media activity – likes, comments, reshares, etc

Brands Strategies & Key Topic Comparison

What did the highest ranking companies in the Brand Buzz analysis talk about?

CBRE showcased their breadth of expertise across various real estate sectors, and highlighted forward-looking discussions around ESG-compliant properties and market dynamics. Through a variety of panel discussions, networking events, and one-on-one interactions at their designated stand, they fostered discussions on industry trends, challenges, and innovative solutions. Post-event, they expressed a positive outlook on residential investments in Germany, particularly focusing on healthcare and life science properties, and anticipated new market dynamics moving into 2024, encapsulated in their optimistic motto, “step through the door in ‘24.”

Drees & Sommer showcased innovative solutions, intertwining real and virtual realms through an engaging Lego City model accessible via AR glasses, encapsulating complex issues like urban integration and digitalization. The firm’s diverse discourse ranged from exploring smart city visions to discussing sustainable, tech-infused real estate solutions, underlining the necessity of interdisciplinary approaches amidst rising global challenges. Their strategy fostered interactive, insightful exchanges, illustrating a forward-thinking, technologically adept stance toward tackling real estate and urban development challenges amidst a complex global landscape.

KPMG focused on collaborative engagements, expertise sharing, and embracing digital transformation in the real estate sector. They offered workshops, expert discussions, and insights into tax challenges, digital solutions, and ESG compliance in real estate. Moreover, they utilized the event to educate on global tax service models, and demonstrate their commitment to sustainable and digital advancements in real estate, reflecting an integrated approach towards addressing industry challenges.

TOP 20 Influencers by Conversation Impact

Coen van Oostrom

Founder & CEO at EDGE

Katrin Bernshausen

Partner at KPMG Deutschland

Sascha Klaus

CEO at Berlin Hyp AG

Holger Matheis, FRICS

CEO at Swiss Life Asset Managers Deutschland

Matthias Leube

CEO & Head of Capital Markets I Germany

Steffen Szeidl

CEO Drees & Sommer

Jürgen Michael Schick

Honorary chairman at IVD

Christoph Gröner

CEO at Gröner Group AG

Sarah Verheyen

Board member at Hamborner Reit AG

Eduard Bossauer

Senior Manager at EY Real Estate

Jürgen Bauderer

Government & Infrastructure/Real Estate TAX Leader Europe West at EY

Jan Plückhahn


Marcus Scoliège

Head Foreign Direct InvestmentHead Foreign Direct Investment at Business Region Göteborg AB

Ronald Daalman MRICS

Director at Fakton Development

Lena Tuckermann

Founder & CEO at Mietz

Prof. Dr. Thomas Beyerle

Managing Director at Catella Property Valuation GmbH

Michael Fesselmann

Founder at Green Lion Consulting GmbH

Patrick Mendes

CEO at Europe & North Africa at Accor Premium

Joana Castro e Almeida

Councillor for Urbanism and for Transparency and Anti-Corruption of Lisbon City Council

Gregor Strocka

Managing Director at JLL Switzerland

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