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RSNA 2022 Brand Buzz Report

Online analysis based on RSNA 2022’s Congress mentions in the period
21 November 2022 – 07 December 2022
27 NOV –
01 DEC


2022’s annual Radiology Society of North America (RSNA)’s program focused on radiology’s role as a center of patient care and the great responsibility radiologists have in creating a safe health care environment that best suits patient needs. The programme included lectures on value from the patient’s perspective, visions for the future of medicine and more.

Activity Over Time

Volume over time is tracked based on total online activity on LinkedIn and Twitter for the period between 21 November 2022 – 07 December 2022.

Key Event Topics

Relative shares are calculated out of all categorised posts within the respective social media.

*Relative shares are calculated out of all categorised posts within the respective social media.

Competitive Brand Buzz

The top 30 brands that have generated the most engagement with their social media channel activity, and what digital footprint they’ve left. Accumulated likes, favorites, comments, shares, and retweets.

Brands Strategies & Key Topic Comparison

How well did the highest-ranking companies resonated with the event’s agenda key topics?

We’ve identified and categorised in topics all posts, measured how those correspond to the total amount of posts per topic from each brand
and benchmarked them to the top 5 most discussed topics pre,during & post the event.

With a strong focus on the ever-growing artificial intelligence (AI) domain, and the promise to revolutionize delivery, GE Healthcare premiered 3 Next-Gen MRI products: SIGNA One, AIR Recon DL, and AIR Coil, accompanied by automated workflow solutions to make MRI scanning simple.

Siemens Healthineers choose RSNA’s 2022 stage to introduce two entirely new products—the Magnetom Cima.X and Magnetom Terra.X. The company included clinical focus topics, and a Vendor Workshop on Comprehensive Cancer Care.

Philips introduced the BlueSeal Magnet–the first and only 1.5T (Tesla) magnet to help achieve “helium-free” MR operations. To accompany the Magnet, the brand incorporated it within their MR Ingenia Ambition 1.5TS, MR Ingenia Ambition 1.5T X, and the latest MR 5300.

Brand Social Share of Voice (SOV)

The total amount of times when a brand has been mentioned both on Twitter and LinkedIn, combined.

Product Launch

The most buzzed about new products during the event, e.g. how many times people mentioned them for the duration of the event.

SCENARIA View 128 is a premium performance CT solution, providing dependable routine application capabilities.

SIGNA™ Victor 1.5T houses the revolutionary green magnet and breakthrough solutions, such as its SIGNA™ One user experience, to help addressing today’s challenges like managing high patient volumes and rising power costs, whilst maintaining superior satisfaction.

Ultrasound System Compact Series 5000 Model has a portable design and versatility, providing superb image quality and performance, whilst fascilitating first-time-right ultrasound exams for more patients.

TOP 20 Influencers by Conversation Impact

Roy Jakobs

CEO at Philips

Rahul Menon

Head, Business Marketing, Ultrasound at Philips

Rasu Shrestha

Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer, Executive VP at Atrium Health

André Hartung

President of Diagnostic Imaging at Siemens Healthineers

Brian Casey

Editorial Director at Casey Insights

Hamid Rajebi

Radiologist at San Diego Imaging Medical Group

Paweł Błonski

Dyrektor Działu Sprzedaży Diagnostyki Obrazowej at Siemens Healthineers

Philipp Fischer

Head of Computed Tomography at Siemens Healthineers

Jeff Cohen

Senior VP & Global Business Leader Ultrasound at Philips

Jan Makela

President and CEO at GE Healthcare

Ian Weissman

Attending Radiologist at Wisconsin Radiological Society

Frans Venker

SVP and Global Business Leader for CT/AMI at Philips

Jason Polzin

GM, MR Applications Platform and Research Technologies at GE Healthcare

Jason Klotzer

Customer Engineer, Healthcare at Google

Thomas Hartley

Head of Marketing, Digital & Automation at Siemens Healthineers

Jyoti Gera

Global GM, General Imaging and Primary Care Ultrasound at GE Healthcare

Pâmela Bertolazzi

CT Clinical & Scientific Manager at Siemens Healthineers

Laura Hernandez

Chief Marketing Officer, Women’s Health & X-Ray at GE Healthcare

Geraldine McGinty

Academic Medicine Leader at Weill Cornell Medicine

Zahra Hosseini

Global Product Marketing Manager at Siemens Healthineers

Top Buzz-Generating Posts

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