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Selection Process​ ​

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Send us your resume at or apply online through our website. An attractive resume will help you stand out.​

Be honest about your experience, skills, and accomplishments. Getting a position that will excel your skills and make you feel comfortable at the workplace is essential for your future career development. ​

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First Meeting

We will look at your resume and if it meets the
requirements of the job position you are interested in, we
will invite you for a meeting.

You will meet with one of our hiring managers and a
representative of the department you are applying for. ​

Make sure you arrive on time and be ready to provide
examples of the items listed on your resume. We want to
learn about you as a person but we might also ask you
some questions based on your experience. ​

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Once you get to this stage, you will be given a practical
task to test your skills. We promise this isn’t as scary as it

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Immersion Day

Once you have submitted your assignment, you will be
invited on a four-hour trip through the world of GemSeek.
During this time you will get acquainted with your future
colleagues, the projects we work on, the company, and
our culture.

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Final offer and decision

When you impress our team, you will get an offer.