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Discover What's Trending at
ERS International Congress 2023
with our Brand Buzz Insights

9–13 September 2023
Milan, Italy

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We publish Brand Buzz reports around every key healthcare event, giving you an understanding of which companies and topics have dominated digital conversations. With the Brand Buzz insights you can evaluate event impact, gain a competitive edge, refine future marketing strategies, and connect with influencers and collaborators. Here’s how:

Quantify Your Brand Buzz and Reach

Measure social media metrics like likes, shares, and comments to gauge content impact.

Identify Key Topics That Resonated

Analyze insights on trends to align content with your target audience's interests.

Identify Key Thought Leaders and Influencers

Connect with influencers to expand the reach of your brand voice to a wider audience.

Benchmark Against Competitors

Compare your influence score with your competitors.

Evaluate Event Success and Impact

Assess social media efforts to improve future strategies.

A look back at ERS Congress 2022: Top Buzzworthy Topics and Influential Voices

Last year’s European Respiratory Society’s Congress (ERS) was held in Barcelona, Spain. The event welcomed thousands of delegates to unravel the newest advances in respiratory medicine and science.  The scientific programme featured cutting-edge scientific sessions, practical workshops, interactive educational content and networking opportunities for visitors and companies that both exhibited and attended the congress.

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Unlocking Success in Respiratory & Sleep Care

How A Leading MedTech Manufacturer Optimized Their Sleep & Respiratory Care Marketing Strategy by Studying the Communication Needs and Preferences of Physicians

Learn how a top MedTech manufacturer improved its sleep and respiratory care marketing strategy by understanding physician communication preferences. In a two-phase approach, using quantitative studies and in-depth interviews, they identified the best channels to reach physicians, optimize budget allocation, and ensure impactful outreach.

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