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Healthcare Insights, June 2023

Written by GemSeek

In this edition:

Recognized For Excellence: Winning Three Prestigious Awards at the Customer Centricity World Series 2023

We emerged as winners at the prestigious Customer Centricity World Series 2023! Our collaborative project for Roche Diagnostics achieved remarkable success, earning us three major recognitions: Overall Winner, Best Measurement in CX, and Highly Commended in Customer Insight & Feedback VOC. Huge thanks to the incredible GemSeek team for their unwavering dedication and innovation, and to our inspiring customers who continuously motivate us to exceed expectations.

A Collective Commitment of Healthcare Providers and MedTech Companies to Superior Customer Experiences

In his article, Boyan Manov, Sr. Healthcare Insights Consultant, explores the human and technical aspects of surgical care, emphasizing the importance of empathy, effective communication, and personalized approaches to enhance patient outcomes. Learn how MedTech companies can enhance surgical team efficiency, reduce patient waiting times, and improve patient education, ultimately paving the way for improved surgical outcomes.

The CX Impact Podcast Latest Episode Features Dr. Carl Machado, Sales Leader at Johnson & Johnson

In the latest episode of “The CX Impact” Podcast, Dr. Carl Machado, Sales Leader at Johnson & Johnson, delves into the age-old question: “Is the customer always right?”. From unraveling the true meaning of being “right” to uncovering the customers’ wants versus their actual needs, we offer valuable insights on how to communicate more effectively with customers and build successful partnerships. Tune in now for an engaging conversation that will inspire and inform!

Industry News

WHO urges caution with healthcare AI deployments

While the World Health Organization says it’s “enthusiastic about the appropriate use” of large language models such as ChatGPT, it has deep concerns about artificial intelligence being used in “safe, effective, and ethical ways.”

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