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Patient Experience (PX) Maturity Assessment

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1. How would you describe your current relationship with patients?

2. How do you partner with vendors and suppliers to improve patient experience?

3. How do you measure the satisfaction and overall experience of your patients?

4. How do you support your staff to improve patient care and experience?

5. What is the progress with the implementation of your Patient Experience / Patient Satisfaction program?

6. How is your Patient Experience / Satisfaction program aligned with your organization’s strategy and vision?

7. How is Patient Experience / Satisfaction managed within your organization?

8. How do you measure the business impact of your Patient Experience / Satisfaction efforts?

9. How do you collect patient feedback?

10. How do you analyse patient comments?

11. How do you identify the most important patient experience / satisfaction drivers or improvement points?

12. How do you prioritize your patient experience / satisfaction activities?

13. How do you close the loop with your dissatisfied patients?

14. How much time do you need to close the loop?

15. How do you incorporate patient experience / satisfaction insights into your decision-making process?