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Start a career in customer experience technology with GemSeek Xperience Academy 

Learn the fundamentals of customer experience and get an instant job opportunity with our free 8-week program for students and working professionals with basic tech skills


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We’re currently not accepting any new applications, but will keep you posted on when the next customer experience training launches. Because of the unprecedented interest, we’re already working on Xperience Academy 2.0.

Why explore CX tech if you have front-end coding skills?

Customer Experience is the recipe for the success of the world’s greatest brands. It’s the simple philosophy of how to create not just customers, but loyal fans. But being successful at CX is a complex and dynamic process. From solving technical challenges to finding answers hidden under heaps of data to learning about the strategy of the business leaders – working in customer experience is an adventure every day. ​

It will boost your front-end development skills with data, analytics and international project management experience. A sound foundation for any career path in technology and SaaS.

Why go for GemSeek Xperience Academy instead of any other online training?


Gain skills valued across any job function in technology and SaaS companies – translating business challenges to technical requirements, agile methodologies, the operating principles of a modern product company, being a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 companies and many more.


Our training will give you both the practical and theoretical know-how – the best way to get a realistic and practical understanding of the customer experience field, before you decide to commit to it.


Our mission is to help you build the fundamentals of a successful career in customer experience. The best and most dedicated students will be offered permanent employment at GemSeek’s professional CX services team.

So, do you have what it takes?

We will train you and share everything you must know about customer experience, but there are a few requirements every Academy recruit needs to cover first.​


We are looking for special gems who are inquisitive, flexible and learn fast.​


You have a basic understanding of popular technologies, such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Excellent English is a must. Additional languages are an added bonus.

Program & Timeline

We’re kicking off the first GemSeek Xperience Academy in March 2022.
The training spreads across 8 weeks of themed live modules.

CX Intro

WEEK 1-2

We’re focusing on the fundamentals of CX. What it means to have a customer-centric mindset, how to understand customers better and translate customer needs into effective business decisions.

Soft Skills

WEEK 2-4

Become a master of your time, and a fine communicator through our complex module with strong focus on building the soft skillset every successful CX professional needs to acquire.

Tech Skills

WEEK 5-6

The tech skills training engineers the ultimate customer excellence pro, with an emphasis on practical experience with some of the most widely used CX software solutions within the industry.

Practical Skills

WEEK 7-8

This module will challenge the knowledge and skills you’ve recently acquired. At the end of it, each participant will go through a graduation case, and certificate upon successful completion.

Globally acknowledged success


Take a closer look into the CX leaders who will be teaching you the intricacies of the industry

Ivaylo Yorgov

CX leader &
Managing Director 

Ivaylo Yorgov is Managing Director, Customer Success. He oversees all delivery teams in the company and is the key designer of improved collaboration and interaction in the organisation. As a champion of proactively addressing customer needs, Ivaylo created the 5-step CX Impact Framework  that helps organisations evolve from fragmented customer feedback collection to a data-driven, impact-focused holistic program.

Mariya Angelova

Professional Services 

Mariya is responsible for all teams, working within the Professional Services department. She oversees complex projects and ensures smooth delivery for clients within our partners’ network. Mariya brings in project management and business analysis experience from both public and private international organisations.

Morgan Evans


Morgan is an accomplished professional with multiple successful Digital and Commercial Fortune 500 transformations. Currently, he’s heading the Strategic Partnership department at GemSeek, whilst helping leaders across many sectors drive new growth from improved and deeper customer understanding.

Petia Popova

Director Human Capital

Petia is heading the Human Capital department. With nearly 2 decades of experience in HR, she’s advancing the company’s culture with leadership consulting, talent assessment and organizational strategies. Hogan Assessment System certified consultant.

Martin Vetov

Senior CX Consultant & Certified Product Trainer

Martin’s deep knowledge and understanding of customer intentions led him to the Senior CX Consultant position, helping GemSeek’s clients utilise all of their CX resources, and achieve operational excellence throughout. Currently, Martin works on large-scale international implementation services projects.

Martin Delimitev

Professional Services
Team Lead

Martin’s customer-centric mindset is deeply rooted within his degree and later professional endeavors. Engineer, with over a decade of experience in technical, product and customers management, today he leads multiple teams on shared partnership projects and ensures projects are delivered up to the highest industry standard.


Stefan Yosifov

– Senior Analyst & Certified Product Trainer

Stefan is a seasoned professional with 10+ years of experience in the CX industry. He has expertise with CX software solution implementation and managed services projects for large multinational organisations all over the world.

Make a name for yourself in a viciously competitive industry

GemSeek is the only Bulgarian company (and one of the few in Europe) that is a trusted partner to some of the leaders in CX management software, such as Medallia. Medallia (NYSE: MDLA) provides software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for management of customer and employee experience to more than 1000 enterprise clients worldwide and is currently valued at $6.4 Billion. GemSeek’s partnership with the company dates back to 2016. The Bulgarian team has provided implementation and support solutions to hundreds of Medallia’s clients worldwide – Liberty Global, Vodafone, Ziggo, Virgin Media O2, Philips and many more.

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