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ESC 2022 Brand Buzz

Online analysis based on ESC 2022 mentions
in the period 22 August – 02 September 2022

26-28 AUG


The European Society of Cardiology welcomed delegates from across the globe to celebrate 70 years since the first ESC Congress. The world’s largest conference in cardiovascular medicine hosted a four-day agenda on the latest developments within the domain. This year’s agenda solely focused on important content for clinical practice and research, with a spotlight on ‘Cardiac Imaging’ and its profound implications for prevention, clinical decision-making, diagnosis and follow-up therapeutic procedures.

Activity Over Time

Volume over time is tracked back to one month before the event when most exhibitors started announcing their participation.

Key Event Topics

Relative shares (in percents) are calculated out of all categorised posts within the respective social media.

Posts about the leading 5 topics are 56% of all categorised posts and 21% of all posts, related to the event.

Training & Education, as well as Heart Failure still lead the scoreboard. In comparison to ESC’s 2021 Brand Buzz report, there are two entirely new topics–Diagnostics and Pharmaceuticals, whereas COVID-19 and Big Data Applications in Healthcare have fallen off the ranks, respectively to 9th and 14th place.

In LinkedIn only, Heart Failure, Diagnostics and Pharmaceuticals scored higher than Training & Education.

Competitive Brand Buzz

The top brands that have generated the most engagement with their social media activity – likes, comments, reshares, etc

Influencers & Online Buzz Strategies

What did the highest-ranking companies in Brand Buzz analysis talk about? 


Delegates were able to discover a range of new data from a new exploratory analysis of FIDELITY with a prime focus on mortality in patients with kidney disease (CKD) and type 2 diabetes (T2D) under the Kerendia treatment or placebo. Bayer’s presentation covered a total of three late-breaking abstracts, highlighting the company’s commitment to improving the lives of patients with kidney and cardiovascular diseases.


AstraZeneca unfolds the cover of a long-term heart failure research. The research studied opportunities for exploring novel target therapies that could potentially slow down, halt and reverse heart failure progression.


Sanofi focused on the ever so popular topic of influenza prevention through vaccines. They spoke about the next generation influenza vaccines with a sole focus of protecting as many people as possible against flu and the complications that could potentially come with it.

TOP 10 Influencers by Conversation Impact

Sarah Hudson

Consultant Cardiologist - Heart Failure and Advanced Echo

Davide Capodanno

Full Professor of Cardiology at University of Catania

Philip Moons

Professor of Healthcare and Nursing Science

Martha Gulati

Associate Director at Barbra Streisand Women Heart Center. Director of CVD Prevention

Henry Han, MBBS, MD

Cardiologist FACC, FESC | Physician-scientist | Author & Nature Lover

Ritesh Dalal

CEO at Intellective, ServiceNow Elite Partner | Maximize ROI on ServiceNow Investment

Diego Segura-Rodriguez

Cardiology Consultant at San Cecilio University Hospital

Benoy Shah MD

President at BrHeartValveSoc

Erik Rafflenbeul

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist at Schön Klinik Hamburg Eilbek Germany

Samuele Doratori

Head Cardiovascular Global Medical and Patient Affairs

Top Buzz-Generating Posts