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Accelerate MedTech
Business Growth with Competitive CX Benchmark

Gain insight into your CX landscape
and outperform your competitors

Why Competitive CX Benchmark

Understanding customer interactions and experiences is crucial for organisational success. Yet, this alone offers only a partial view. To accurately gauge your market position, you must broaden your perspective. While customers may like your offerings, their loyalty could decline if they favour competitors.

At GemSeek, we recognise that monitoring CX performance isn’t sufficient. Our Competitive CX Benchmark solution delves deeper, analysing every touchpoint, product, and satisfaction driver. It’s more than just scores; it’s a comprehensive insight and analytics service contextualising your performance within market dynamics.

Unlike traditional metrics, Competitive CX Benchmark offers a detailed competitive landscape analysis, spotlighting areas of strength and improvement. With it, you can pinpoint differentiating touchpoints or drivers, enabling strategic decision-making to maintain your competitive edge, improve customer retention, and seize new growth opportunities.

Industry Leaders Trusting Competitive CX Benchmarking 

15 markets

21 modalities

36 sub-modalities

14000 respondents
(Radiologists & other physicians, Heads of Department, C-level & Procurement)

15 markets

11 modalities

23 sub-modalities

4000 respondents
(Radiologists & other physicians, Heads of Department, C-level & Procurement)

Qualitative follow-ups

4 markets

4 modalities

1000 respondents
(Radiologists & other physicians, Heads of Department, C-level & Procurement)

The Benefits

Insights & Strategy

Gain insights to pinpoint strengths, weaknesses, trends, and growth trajectories, empowering sharper strategic decisions.

Competitor Analysis

Assess key players and recognise shifts in preferences and industry directions, influencing your market share.

Data-driven Decision

Utilise valuable data for enhanced analytics, guiding your future roadmap and ensuring a competitive edge.

What Sets Competitive CX Benchmarking Apart

in Enhancing Experiences


Our approach covers the entire customer journey, providing in-depth insights across multiple touchpoints, products, and key satisfaction drivers.

Unbiased and Rigorous Research Methodology 

We deliver double-blinded and unbiased competitive insights by leveraging specialised panels and surveying both existing and competitive customers.

Advanced Analytics

Our solution exceeds standard reporting by driving actionability and prioritising CX improvement actions through advanced analytics models, including Text Analytics and Root Cause Analysis.

Why GemSeek

Award-winning healthcare CX programmes

Great access to respondents through our partner network 

Interactive report-outs and intuitive online dashboards

Ongoing support and consulting, guiding your teams to action

Success Stories: Accelerating Insights for MedTech Leaders 

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