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Healthcare Insights, April 2024

In this edition:

Webinar recap on Winning the Race in Healthcare: CX Insights for Enhanced Patient-Centered Care

Our recent webinar, “Winning the Race in Healthcare: CX Insights for Enhanced Patient-Centred Care,” is now available on-demand. Industry experts from Roche Diagnostics and Forrester reveal how to elevate your customer experience strategy in the competitive healthcare landscape. Explore how Competitive CX Benchmarking can improve your organisation’s customer experience, decision-making, and growth potential while gaining insights into the healthcare ecosystem’s complexity, the significance of customer and patient experience, and the impact of digital transformation.

The European Association of Urology 2024
Brand Buzz Report

The 2024 European Association of Urology congress took place in Paris, April 5 – 8, bringing together experts in urology and MedTech. The event focused on new developments in robotic surgery and precision medicine, helping doctors and healthcare professionals learn about the latest techniques and treatments.  

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Expert Insights: 4 truths show the future of healthcare technology

The article highlights four major ideas shaping the future of healthcare technology, focusing on personalised patient care, the use of data to improve treatments, easier access to healthcare through technology, and stronger security to keep patient information safe. These changes point towards a more efficient and patient-focused healthcare system that leverages technology to meet individual needs.

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