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Healthcare Insights, December 2023

In this edition:

Discover Key Discussion Topics and Leading Brands in our first Gen AI-enabled RSNA 2023 Brand Buzz Report

The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Congress took place in the last week of November and our traditional Brand Buzz Report is here. In our most comprehensive report to ever be published, powered by data science tech and Generative AI pre-trained models you will find:

                                           ☑️ Social Media Activity Trends         ☑️ Brand Engagement Rankings

                                           ☑️ Key Event Discussion Topics         ☑️ Brand Strategy Insights 

                                           ☑️ Top 3 High-Impact Posts               ☑️ Brand Share of Voice Analysis

                                           ☑️ Leading 20 Influencers                  ☑️ Successful Product Launches

BONUS CONTENT: An interactive visual cognitive map of how 40 different brands and topics are interconnected – check your positioning and its proximity to competitor brands.

Exploring Innovation and Customer Insights:
A Deep Dive into Roche's VoC Project 

In the latest episode of The CX Impact Podcast, we are delighted to welcome our special guests Julia Dour, Head of Marketing Engagement, and Tilman Rüsike, Business Leader for Infectious Diseases and Blood Screening at Roche Diagnostics. Hosted by Kaloyan Stefanov, they dive deep into a remarkable Voice of the Customer (VoC) project at Roche, in collaboration with GemSeek, highlighting the pivotal role of customer empathy in shaping a robust product pipeline and driving innovation.

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