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Healthcare Insights, January 2024

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Meet GemSeek at Medallia Experience

Join GemSeek at Medallia Experience in Las Vegas, February 5th–7th! As Medallia’s leading professional services partner in EMEA, we’re excited to offer healthcare CX, insights, and marketing leaders an exclusive $400 discount on event tickets with code EXPGIFT. The event will dive deep into industry insights from experts like Fred Reicheld, featuring industry trends and best practices. Join us for a breakfast roundtable on Day 2 to explore the intricacies of B2B and MedTech CX Programs. See you there!

Expert Opinion: The Unrealised Potential of Customer Insights in MedTech

Unlock the untapped potential of customer insights in the MedTech industry! Discover why simply asking customers isn’t enough to gain deep insights into decision-making factors. Our article focuses on the importance of non-customers and shares expert tips and best practices for winning market share. Don’t miss out on this valuable knowledge.

Healthcare News Curated by Our Industry Experts

US hospitals report increased procedure volumes, spending outlook in Q4 survey

Radiologists in Europe ramp up testing of AI

5 medtech trends to watch in 2024

About GemSeek

Experience GemSeek’s insights and analytics tailored for the MedTech industry. We support global medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers in improving brand equity, product validation, and customer experience. As a trusted partner to leading medical equipment providers, we offer comprehensive customer experience programs and data-driven decision-making. Gain in-depth market understanding to enhance product strategy, competitive benchmarking, and customer satisfaction.

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