Healthcare Insights, 11/20

  • CX Firestarter: The Practical Guide to Igniting Customer-Centricity
  • The CX Impact Podcast: Moving CX Programs to the Next Level
  • The Latest MedTech Developments

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Deep-dive into our healthcare CX framework to identify the winning strategy for igniting and managing customer-centric philosophy.

  • C-level buy-in for CX improvement initiatives
  • Assure commitment to delivering great customer experience
  • Ensure consistency across all departments when approaching CX
  • Prioritise CX program and initiatives for your company moving forward

COVID-19: MedTech Updates

What are the latest updates in the MedTech industry and which are the new company profiles we are covering?

episode 6_Soundcloud

Next Level CX

This episode’s guest – renowned CX expert Liliana Petrova, shares insights on leveling up your CX program through impactful and transformative initiatives.

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