Healthcare Insights, August 2020

  • Patient Feedback in Healthcare: EU Hospitals During COVID-19
  • Who are Radiobotics and what are their plans ahead?
  • Quantity to Quality: Healthcare Value-Based Contracting
  • What are the latest MedTech developments?

COVID-19: MedTech Updates

What are the latest updates in the MedTech industry and how are some of the big players coping with the crisis?

In the Spotlight

Currently RADIOBOTICS is focused on building a strong pipeline of clients in Scandinavia, UK and US. In the long- run the company is aiming at creating new standards of care where slow X-ray interpretations are not a constant and HC professionals and technology work together.

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Quantity to Quality: Healthcare Value-Based Contracting

It is natural to look for a value-based model of healthcare that shifts the emphasis on care. However, what are the actual benefits and what might be the impact of COVID-19 on the VBC models?


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