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Compliance & Fair Treatment with vCX in the Telco Industry​


comments analysed
per wave


topics/specific mentions


levels of deep-dive per vulnerability
drivers, signals per driver, harms per signal

The business problem

Our customer is one of the largest telecommunications providers in Europe. They wanted to ensure they have first-mover advantage when it comes to regulatory requirements and vulnerable customer experience management. Further they wanted to ensure they support their customers throughout their customer journey and offer fair and equal treatment to all.

Our Task

We were tasked to develop an analytics model that provides early vulnerability detection and identify up to 85% of the customers that otherwise cannot be reached with traditional survey methods, are unhappy and should become part of the rescue initiative.

Our Solution

  • We deployed Phase I: Understand of its vCX (Vulnerable Customer Experience) tool for all relationship NPS interactions
  • We held a data discovery workshop to identify all possible sources of text data, which can feed into the vCX tool
  • We deployed our proprietary text analytics engine, using our ontology & taxonomy specifically developed around vulnerable customers within the industry 
  • We designed a Tableau-based online dashboard to provide a strategic overview of the prevalent vulnerabilities, their drivers, signals and the associated harms

Key Project Success Metrics

GemSeek’s vulnerable customer experience (vCX) tool helped us achieve the following:

  • 65000 comments analysed per wave
  • 4 waves in total per year
  • 200+ topics / specific mentions covered
  • 3 levels of deep-dive per vulnerability: drivers, signals per driver, harms per signal

Project Trivia:

About Company: Telecommunications

Industry: Telecommunications

Company Size: 10 001+ employees

Location: Europe

GemSeek Capabilities: Vulnerable Customer Experience (vCX)

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