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Advancing Philips’ Go-to-Market Strategy for a Successful Surgery Product Re-Launch

The business problem

Philips—a global medical device and health IT leader, consolidated together their existing surgery products and solutions into an entirely new surgery portfolio. The company’s marketing team developed a new vision, messaging and go-to-market strategy for their new proposition.

We were tasked with executing a holistic study and gather insights to help Philips:

  • Navigate and select the most appropriate messaging materials to better differentiate from competitors in the Surgery landscape
  • Incorporate key findings of how target group challenges and needs are changing in a dynamic COVID-19 environment
  • Incorporate the fine differences from buyer persona to buyer persona for credible channels, key decisio
    n-making factors.

The project was expanded beyond a standard messaging test to include all the key elements needed for a successful marketing activation. Taking no element as granted, we studied even marketing staples, such as preferred channels and the main stages of taking a decision to buy surgical products.

Our Solution

We completely tailored the study to our client’s needs and objectives. The study was conducted in two stages:

  • The first stage focused on qualitative interviews, aimed to identify key pain points, message understanding, preferred communication channels, message improvement suggestions to create holistic and detailed questionnaire for the second phase of the study.
  • The second stage’s objectives was to confirm main findings from the first stage, and clearly identify focus areas for Philips.
  • The final report focused on all research questions from the qualitative research, including country differences.

By employing a systemic process in combination with performance and efficiency improvement tools (Text analytics + Voice to Text) we were able to deliver actionable insights quickly, followed up by a speedy implementation by Philips in a holistic marketing campaign. 

The project successfully challenged conventional execution timings. Delivery took only 80% of standard timings due to the automated data processing and analysis through voice-to-text and subsequent text analytics tools to highlight the key topics and themes of interest.

Key Project Success Metrics

The project studied all important aspects of a long-term marketing strategy for the re-launched surgery products. It identified not only messaging elements with the highest preference among the target group, but reconfirmed or identified how their needs, challenges have changed in the past 2 years, what benefits would matter to them most and how can Philips be a part of every part of the hospital decision-making process – from awareness to learning about different solutions to forming a decision committee to analyse alternatives and make the final purchase decision.

Project Trivia:

About Company: Philips

Industry: Medical Technology

Company Size: 10 001+ employees

Location: Global

GemSeek Capabilities: Market Research, Text Analytics, Voice-to-Text

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