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Predictive NPS is Highly Commended at ECCA

In today’s business where new products or solutions are created every day, customer experience is the only viable competitive advantage for many companies. They invest in CX technology, capabilities, and programs, but they still struggle to achieve their goals around providing satisfactory experiences and being remembered with fondness. For the business this translates to a lot of lost opportunities to engage with silent customers. If the average response rate for a company is 20%, this means that every 4 out of 5 unhappy customers are at risk of leaving. The company wouldn’t even know about them and subsequently won’t be able to rescue them in time.

We created Predictive NPS as a solution that allows companies to radically increase their visibility of how all their customers really feel. This knowledge can be used to upsell relevant customers at the right time, reduce the probability to lose clients or deals by solving issues quickly and proactively, as well as make neutral customers feel special, turning them into brand advocates.

Predictive NPS in the running for European Customer Centricity Awards 2022

That’s why we are more than proud to celebrate our latest nomination at the European Customer Centricity Awards 2022! Our initiative, “Proactive & Personalised Customer Experience with Predictive NPS” was recognised in the Best Measurement in Customer Experience category. Competition was fierce – we were up against the likes of otp bank, Orange and BT.

This nomination is a testament for the long way pNPS has gone from the first implementations to a stable solution that works equally well regardless of what business model, setup or data challenges we encounter.

The most notable Predictive NPS milestones

  • Success stories for b2b businesses. In the recent months we are most proud with our projects for companies in the B2B space. Their success is the proof that Predictive NPS has matured from an innovative custom project to an industry-agnostic solution with high commercial applicability. In B2B Predictive NPS usually has an even greater impact than in B2C environments. A few customers breaking their TV subscription may not be too big of a deal for a telecom. However, a few customers breaking their multi-million contracts can have a significant effect on an equipment vendor’s bottom line. The same is also true for referrals – referrals from existing customers are a number one source of new business for many B2B companies.
  • Easier proof-of-concept projects with Predictive NPS Light. In the past year we created a workaround for a very common challenge for companies – gathering and preparing the different types of data needed to run a full-scale Predictive NPS – often owned and furiously protected by various departments. We created Predictive NPS Light which runs on data available in the company’s CX platform. pNPS light doubles (аt least) the chance to assign the accurate NPS ® to non-responders with minimal effort. We recommend as a quick proof-of-concept solution to companies particularly challenged with gathering the needed data. It enables them to start proactive treatment of certain customers and proving the business benefits of solution, before they invest a lot of months and resources into supplying the needed data.
  • Predictive NPS available at some of the leading customer experience platforms. We have developed custom integrations for our biggest partners, such as Medallia, Forsta and others. Their clients who deploy Predictive NPS can get their results directly fed and visualized in their existing setup. Clients of other platforms can take advantage of a standardized API integration.

The European Customer Centricity Awards

The European Customer Centricity Awards took place on September 16th 2022. The awards highlighted the industry’s best achievements in 16 total categories. An international panel of customer experience professionals from HSBC, Cambridge University, Budapest Bank, Politecnico di Milano and many others evaluated the projects. More information is available here 

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