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Increasing Revenue with GemSeek’s Patient and Customer Experience Platform


in NPS YoY


self-paid episodes


in time spent on CX program management

The business problem

Understanding and working towards exceptional patient and customer experience is key for healthcare and wellness providers. Improvement initiatives have significant positive impact on clinical outcomes, staff satisfaction, referral rates and loyalty.

Our client, one of the largest healthcare providers in Europe, had a fragmented and semi-automated patient and customer experience program. This resulted in lack of actionability, piecemeal improvements and low staff engagement. The management was looking for an automated PX and CX approach, which proved the program’s return on investment.

Our Solution

We revamped the existing patient and customer experience program based on our cloud platform and advanced analytics products. This allowed our client to get a complete real-time view of results, close the loop easily within 48 hours, engage staff and prioritize actions that matter.

After successfully mapping the customer’s business structure, we fully deployed the platform to over 130 hospitals, clinics and wellness locations. Mirroring the client’s complex organisational structure, we deployed short touchpoint surveys, designed custom reports and text analytics dashboards for all units, locations and business lines. Our team organised trainings with key users to track progress, take action and prioritise improvement activities.

GemSeek’s setup allows executives across business lines, locations and functions to get actionable information in accordance with their responsibilities and quickly implement improvements or changes that lead to increase in customer and patient satisfaction.

Key Project Success Metrics

  • Over 120 impactful improvement initiatives successfully completed.
  • +1.3 mil surveys sent per year and over 10% response rate (non-incentivized).
  • Over 7,000 automatic cases per year triggered: less workload by staff required by gathering complaints from all channels into one place.
  • 40,000 direct patient and customer comments categorized in 9 topics with drill down menus for granular level data.
  • 30% increase in staff engagement.

Business Impact

  • +5% increase in NPS YoY.
  • 7% growth in self-paid episodes.
  • 60% decrease in time spent on PX and CX program management.

Project Trivia:

About Company:  Hospital & Wellness Chain

Company Size: +100 locations

Location: United Kingdom

GemSeek Capabilities:  Patient Experience/CSAT Program, the GemSeek PX Platform, Advanced Analytics

Retain, Advance and Grow your customers with predictive customer analytics.

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