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Unifying Insight: How we helped a Global MedTech Leader Enhance their Strategy by Merging Brand and Customer Experience Trackers


cost efficiencies
measured as cost of integrated program vs cost of separate programs​


time efficiencies
measured as reduced time for fieldwork, reporting, and project management​


operational efficiencies
measured as reduced client involvement

The Challenge

Our client, a global MedTech leader, had distinct programs for tracking its brand performance and customer experience. By executing separate studies, our client ensured comprehensive measurement and detailed insights on both. The approach, however, presented inherent challenges. Managing two programs was resource-heavy, teams and learning were siloed, and follow-up action was challenged by the lack of a unified roadmap. Our client needed a single, reliable, and efficient source of truth for both CX and brand performance which can guide all strategic decisions in the company. 

Our Solution

We put together a taskforce comprising of experts with knowledge ranging from brand performance assessment to customer experience consulting. The team had a simple goal – to create a holistic approach that allows integrated insights and unified action for improvement across CX and brand.

Doing this required 

  • An extensive review of best practices in both domains, 
  • An in-depth understanding of our client’s needs, 
  • And a creative program design combining established frameworks and innovative approaches

We also undertook a detailed process analysis to identify
areas where an integrated approach could reduce costs, minimize time investment, and ensure greater program ROI. 

Before Integration

Customer Experience Program

Markets: 13 markets
Sample: ~8 000

Underlining philosophy: 

Customer loyalty and satisfaction drive retention and referrals, fueling business growth  

Brand Experience

Markets: 10 markets
Sample: ~3 000

Underlining philosophy: 

Brand strength drive consideration and preference, fueling business growth 

After Integration

Integrated Experience Program

Markets: 17 markets
Sample: 14 000+

Underlining philosophy: 

Brand and customer experience are interconnected forces, fueling business growth 

The results

  • Increased follow-up action: measured as number of active initiatives after reporting cycles
  • Increased program adoption: measured as number of active dashboard users before/after program integration
  • Increased business impact: measured as revenue increase attributed to CX and brand improvements

About Company: Leader in MedTech

Industry: Healthcare

Company Size: 10 001+ employees

Location: Global

GemSeek Capabilities: Brand Experience, Customer Experience Programs

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