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Increasing Brand Satisfaction through User Attitude Studies

We provide user attitude studies to increase brand satisfaction by collecting feedback from customers and analyzing their opinions. Our approach to user attitude studies involves combining data science techniques with human expertise to provide actionable insights for our customers.

Product concept, price & GTM test

We conducted concept testing for a client’s product, including product concept, pricing, and go-to-market strategy. By analyzing customer feedback and market trends, they provided insights on the most effective product concepts, pricing strategies, and go-to-market plans, allowing the client to make data-driven decisions to improve their product’s success in the market.

The Customer Experience Impact Strategic Framework: How to Prioritise and Scale Up High-Return Initiatives and Multiply Business Value

Discover the five key elements that need to be considered when developing a customer experience strategic framework: customer insights, customer experience strategy, customer-centric culture, customer-focused processes, and customer experience measurement. By aligning all these elements, organizations can create a customer experience that is effective, efficient, and engaging.

Increasing Revenue with GemSeek’s Patient and Customer Experience Platform

We helped a healthcare technology company increase revenue by optimizing their patient experience (PX) platform. By conducting data analysis and customer research, GemSeek identified areas for improvement in the platform’s functionality and user experience. This resulted in increased customer satisfaction and revenue.