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Healthcare Insights, November 2023

In this edition:

Get Early Access to RSNA 2023 Post-Event Insights

Our themed event Brand Buzz competitive analysis reports have been a handy tool for market intelligence leaders, brands, and event managers to measure how their company performs during large industry gatherings. In our upcoming report, we’ll analyse online discussions around the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Congress, taking place from November 26–30 in Chicago, Illinois. Get early access to our Brand Buzz report and be among the first to explore:


☑️ Social Media Activity Trends         ☑️ Brand Engagement Rankings

☑️ Key Event Discussion Topics        ☑️ Brand Strategy Insights 

☑️ Top 3 High-Impact Posts               ☑️ Brand Share of Voice Analysis

☑️ Leading 20 Influencers                  ☑️ Successful Product Launches


Are you staying on top of your audience’s mind during this year’s RSNA event? Secure early access to our Brand Buzz event insights report and find out!

Discover the Key Discussion Topics and Leading Brands in the EACTS 2023 Brand Buzz Report

The European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery (EACTS) Annual Meeting, the world’s largest gathering dedicated to scientific advancements and research in cardio-thoracic fields, took place in Vienna from September 27, 2023, to October 11, 2023. Our specialised Brand Buzz report reveals the dominant topics, standout brands, and influential figures at this event. Discover the prevailing conversation themes and the companies that commanded the most social media engagement.

How we Helped a Global MedTech Leader Enhance their Strategy by Merging Brand and Customer Experience Trackers

Learn how we unified brand and customer experience trackers, achieving 30% cost efficiency, 40% time efficiency, and 40% operational efficiency while significantly increasing follow-up action, programme adoption, and business impact for a global MedTech leader.

About GemSeek

Experience GemSeek’s insights and analytics tailored for the MedTech industry. We support global medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers in improving brand equity, product validation, and customer experience. As a trusted partner to leading medical equipment providers, we offer comprehensive customer experience programs and data-driven decision-making. Gain in-depth market understanding to enhance product strategy, competitive benchmarking, and customer satisfaction.

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