Insights & Analytics for Brand, Product Validation and Customer Experience in Healthcare

We help global medical technology companies and healthcare providers proactively address customer needs. Our team of dedicated professionals is experienced in the dynamics of the healthcare market and will help you answer even the most complex questions about product strategy, competitive benchmarking, and customer experience.


We are a trusted supplier of market insights and analytics services to 5 of the 10 largest medical equipment companies:

Customer Experience in Healthcare: Holistic Programs that study your customers and environment in depth

The customers of your competitors

We build Competitive CX programs that benchmark your strengths and weaknesses against your biggest competitors and track developments continuously.


The underlying

Our Root Cause Analysis gives you a better understanding of “the why behind the why” and helps you address the core reasons of customer (dis)satisfaction.


The voice of silent customers.

Predictive NPS model assigns an accurate satisfaction score to non-responsive customers enabling you to treat more customers proactively.


Rear View Of Doctors Talking As They Walk Through Hospital

Providing Competitive NPS & Brand Analytics for a Global MedTech Leader

Our client, a global MedTech leader wanted to track their healthcare customer experience and brand performance on an ongoing basis and compare performance to their key competitors. The company needed a partner to help them design a working healthcare voice of the customer competitive program and execute continuous measurement.


AI Will Lead the Way: Market Mapping & Opportunity Assessment

Our client, a well-recognized medical device company, had significantly expanded its investments in AI-based solutions. However, to get ahead of the competition in AI and set the trends, our client needed strategic insights on the market landscape and development. GemSeek’s approach towards this project included:



I just wanted to share that I am glad to be working with you and GemSeek at long last. GemSeek is a real partner for Philips so it is really important for us to think bigger picture with you.

Lorna Dewhirst,
Sr. Manager Insights & Analytics, Brand & Experience, Philips

Gemseek has been a wonderful insights partner for us over the past few years. What started as a small research engagement has rapidly grown into a large and deeper partnership within a short period and this is testimony to the way you have gained our trust through the amazing work that you do. We value your expertise as well as the professionalism you bring into the research process that makes working with you an absolute pleasure. Well done and look forward to continued engagement!

Ashwin Muralidhar, Senior Customer Analytics & Experience Leader

We’ve been able to highlight where issues are and what the customers really think about sites and build action plans based on these issues. Then we track the impact these changes have had on the business at a national, regional and local level.

Tom Mayor

GemSeek supported us professionally through the entire research process, providing a clear research plan, timely execution, and tailored reporting. We now have a clear understanding of the audience preferred Suite of Solutions and key pain points, allowing us to better allocate future investments and deliver on our promise to the customer.

Philip Burt
Marketing Insights & Analytics Director

So far, they absolutely loved the report for the clarity of the information and the intuitive lay out! Excellent Job! To all the Team!

Thank you so much for being flexible and, as always, surpassing all expectations of our stakeholders. You have really set the bar very high for our other MI vendors!

GemSeek have proven to be an exceptional partner to us as a business. They are not only very available and ready to help with whichever question or request we have, but they are willing to do any extra analysis necessary to satisfy our needs where and when required, always quick and well done. This relationship has been very fruitful and has enabled us to draw on the strategy for our brand in 2022, something we could not have done without GemSeek.


Customer Experience Firestarter: A Practical Guide to Igniting & Managing Customer-Centric Change

Are you challenged to increase adoption of customer-centric practices in your organization? In this guide we combine our most important learnings from customer experience management in healthcare with prominent change management studies.


Voice of the Customer for Healthcare Companies

Leaders in the medical equipment industry are set apart by their structured and consistent strategies to capture the Voice of the Customer. Every year we run hundreds of insights projects to support companies in MedTech, Life Science and Laboratory domain make data-driven decisions about brands, marketing and new product or solutions. We can help you understand:

Perceptions of your brand

Holistic brand research programs that capture brand performance and purchase funnel, brand value, preferred channels and message to improve your general brand building efforts, competitive position, names and event evaluations.

The right solutions

Remove risk of failure regarding new product or solutions launches by exploring in-depth market needs, optimal features and pricing of products and services.

Successful Positioning

Test potential value proposition and messaging ideas and identify areas of differentiation to create effective marketing and communications strategies.

Businessman holding virtual cloud computing to transfer data information and upload download application. Technology transformation concept.

Concept Testing, Price & Message Insights to Support the Launch of a New Health Cloud Platform

We helped a leading medical solutions provider needed an advanced market intelligence support and strategic insights for launching their new health platform for hospital, operational and financial improvement. How did it affect their healthcare customer experience? Read the success story below.


Home Respiratory Care Services & Concept Test

We helped a leading respiratory care supplier further strengthen their presence and understand whether their innovative new service would be well accepted to solidify their position as a market leader in the US.



Competitive Brand Perception & Market Pulse

Our client, a global medical device and health IT leader, wanted to revamp their ongoing brand perception and market pulse study. The current setup allowed for very partial coverage, low actionability and dispersed reporting.


RSNA 2021: BrandBuzz Competitive Analysis Report

RSNA 2021 is the Radiological Society of North America’s annual meeting, and possibly the most anticipated event in the world of radiology. We’ve gathered and analysed thousands of comments on social media before, during and after the event was over to identify popular topics, emerging trends and the highest scoring influential brands and individuals around the event.



For our customer-focused marketing approach it’s crucial to have an in-depth and fact-based understanding of our targeted audience & personas. As such, we conducted research with GemSeek to get a more in-depth understanding of our customers’ challenges, topics of interest and media behavior. With a clear research plan, swift execution, and structured report-out, GemSeek supported us in a professional and timely matter. We gained great insights and sharpened our messaging and campaign plan.

Bart Baselmans,
Portfolio Marketing Leader, Philips Healthcare

Gemseek has been a valuable research & insights partner to us over the past several years. Besides the high-quality and insightful pieces they produce, I appreciate their ability to understand our requirements, proactive communication, flexibility and a partner-based approach.

Parth Tripathi,

Value Propositions & Insights Leader

GemSeek did an excellent job in the recent engagement to pull together the insights which were well received by the stakeholders. In spite of project- and market-specific challenges, GemSeek were flexible in their approaches and got us the best insights possible.

Anand Viswanathan,
Value Proposition & Insights Leader

Thank you very much for sharing the report. In the meantime, please pass my most sincere compliments to the team for turning it round so quickly and efficiently.

Daniel Krylov ,
Senior Manager Brand Analytics, Philips

GemSeek have proven to be an exceptional partner to us as a business. They are not only very available and ready to help with whichever question or request we have, but they are willing to do any extra analysis necessary to satisfy our needs where and when required, always quick and well done. This relationship has been very fruitful for OMRON and has enabled us to draw on the strategy for our brand in 2022, something we could not have done without GemSeek.

Eduardo Manso Del Valle,
Consumer and Market Insights Manager, OMRON

Other services for Brand, Product Validation and Customer Experience in Healthcare

Customer Experience

  • Text Analytics
  • CX – Financial Analytics
  • Next Best Action

Product & Marketing

  • Event evaluation
  • Text Analytics
  • Name Tests

Brand Research

  • Marketing mix and channel optimisation
  • Onsite Event Evaluation

Customer Analytics

  • Upsell and Cross-sell Modelling
  • Churn Modelling


Patients & B2B Healthcare with Dilyana Pavlova and Brian Bruner

The fourth episode of Season 2 of the CX Impact Podcast will focus on the inevitable correlation between patients, hospitals and OEMs, and how we help people get a better quality of life through the things we do in our work every single day. Our guests are Dilyana Pavlova is a seasoned expert in CX, project management, marketing, and strategic consulting. She has spent the last decade in healthcare CX and today she manages CX activities for another highly competitive brand – ResMed. Our second guest–Brian Bruner is a true customer experience ambassador, and what many CX professionals dream of – a truly passionate team member. He has dedicated 20 years in healthcare. He has changed direction, going from IT to CX, and is currently a service and CX leader in the Americas region.

The future of healthcare with Terry Coutsoliotsos

In this episode we talk to a true veteran in sales, marketing and customer experience in healthcare – Terry Coutsoliotsos. We discuss the past and future of the business and how listening to the Voice of Customer is the cornerstone of a patient-centric model of creating healthcare products, services and solutions.

Customer Experience in Healthcare Innovation with Dr. Carl Machado

Get inspired by the fundamental perspective on customer experience in healthcare by seasoned industry professional Dr. Carl Machado. Dr. Machado emphasizes on tried and tested methods to get closer to patients and healthcare practitioners and how vitally important it is for product managers and professionals to be both conceptually and physically aware of the environment they’re developing products for. Laying the groundwork of customer experience insights has never been more important for healthcare innovation, product development and sales enablement.



Why it’s important to measure Competitive CX Performance with Ivaylo Yorgov

On a dynamic market where companies are created or go out of business every day, it has never been more important to understand how customers experience your products and services in the context of competitors and the general market. “A CX program without competitive NPS insights is like playing tennis against a wall – it’s fun, but it doesn’t give you an idea if you can beat other players in the real world.” Ivaylo Yorgov – Managing Director of GemSeek joins the podcast to give us valuable insights about gaining competitive advantage, delivering on your CX promises and tracking initiatives.



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