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Competitive Benchmark for a POC Ultrasound Customer Service

The business problem

Our client, a global leader in medical imaging equipment, needed an overview of the point of care (POC) ultrasound customer service market. Our client needed general landscaping of the key market players, competitive service propositions and future trends.

Our Solution

Our approached included three steps:

  • Granular desk research on market trends, regional preferences towards service offerings and selected competitors’ service offerings
  • In-depth interviews with key decision makers within institutions who have experience with POC ultrasound purchasing and service contracts
  • In-depth interviews insights from leading KOLs and experts on future market trends

Key Project Success Metrics

GemSeek prepared a comprehensive report, including the competitive landscape, deep-dive analysis of the industry, competitor’s service offerings and regional differences.
Our client used our insights in order to tailor its service offering and pricing delivery models according to the regional market needs

Project Trivia:

About Company: Medical Technology

Industry: MedTech

Company Size: 10 001+ employees

Location:  USA, Germany, China

GemSeek Capabilities: Desk research, Competitive CX

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